PVC light calcium enhancement Filament Making Machine new technology

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Use specially processed light calcium carbonate in hard polyvinyl chloride profiles, pipes and other products to make polyvinyl chloride macromolecules under multiple effects of light -quality calcium carbonate powder. The new stacking is empty and network, so that the performance of the composite material can be fundamentally improved. This scientific and technological achievement has been invented by Dr. Zhong Mengguang, general manager of Shanghai Zhehua Chemical Materials Co., Ltd., and began industrialization. \u0026 nbsp;

It is characterized by adding 10 to 30 copies of light calcium carbonate with special treatment to the original formula. The relative density of the composite materials is not improved, the stretching strength, bending strength (rigid) and impact strength (Toughness) does not decrease, and even improves, which breaks through the technical barrier of previously filled plastic. \u0026 nbsp;

This research results adopt the idea that is completely different from traditional modification theory. By establishing new interface chemical design theories characterized High molecular material short -range and remote structure, crystalline structure, and clustering characteristics, carefully design the existence of powder materials in polyvinyl chloride matrix plastics. The combination of space form and mutual mutual achieves the goal of \”non -increased relative density, no decrease in performance, decreased production efficiency, and significantly improved economic benefits.\” \u0026 nbsp;

In addition, the company has also developed a successful light carbonate that was successfully treated with special treatment, which can be used to use 5PHR (fill volume) active calcium carbonate. 50PHR, when the relative density of the filling material is basically unchanged, the stretching strength, bend component The elastic modulus and low temperature gap impact intensity are improved at the same time, showing the advanced and superiority of this technology Essence \u0026 nbsp;

As the three mechanical properties improved at the same time, and the relative density of filling materials did not increase, it can bring huge economic benefits for downstream companies to use this new powder material. At the same time, in terms of effective utilization resources, because a large amount of synthetic resin that can be used as raw materials can be saved, according to the current annual output of more than 2 million tons of PVC different profiles and pipe measures, such as specially treated light carbonate on average, fill in the average filling and plus additional filled with average treatment. The amount is 25 %, which can save hundreds of thousands of tons of oil each year.