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), Disman is also committed to promoting high loads and costs The automated production of optimized lightweight parts makes it suitable for large -scale mass production and can be competent for various processing processes designed by composite materials and various materials.
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[ 123] [ 123] \”Energy Efficiency and Smart Lighting System) Research Project partner. This project aims to promote high -level material technology research and development activities that help medium and high -displacement electric vehicles to achieve reduction of emission reduction targets. On the other hand, as one of the founders of Aachen Integrated Lightweight Production Center (
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Although the process of thermoplastic strips is more complicated compared with the textile structure composite material components, it has a stronger and targeted part of the load path. \u0026 nbsp; 1
Continuous fiber enhancement
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Focus on the lightweight car of the car

\u0026 nbsp; If you want to talk about the hottest technology of the current plastic market, regardless of equipment and raw materials manufacturers, the most attention is given, and it is not continuous fiber enhancement technology.

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The weight of the car seat shell is reduced 45%


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Recently, Langshengzi Company bond-laminates Co., Ltd. [ 123] Tepex Dynalite 102-RG600 (2)/47%-1.0mm , the seat shell made from continuous glass fiber-enhanced thermoplastic composite materials, which is first applied to [[[ 123]

Opel Astra OPC The material used to make this seat shell has a very high stiffness and strength, which can absorb a large amount of energy when colliding, so Significantly improved security. bond-laminates

Company general manager Christian Obermann said: \”New product The weight of the previous product is lighter 800g , and its performance can easily win the same structure products made by steel plates and long glass fibers to enhance plastic manufacturing. \”The chair shell is Reinert Kunstofftechnik ] Company manufacturing. Company and Opel , bond-laminates , Seatcon ag and \u0026 nbsp; Sedistec Ug (Both companies are located in German language in Germany Delinger), and Maier FORMENBAU Company (also located in Germany bissingen a. D. Te 123)) The industrial production of this part is closely cooperated. \u0026 nbsp; High -performance composite material [123 123 ] Tepex dynalite 102-rg600 (2)/47%-1.0mm The thermoplastic substrate uses polyamide 6 123], from the volume score of 47% , the two continuous glass fibers enhanced. When making the chair shell, the semi -finished product composite material is heated and placed in an injection molding mold. After the mold was pressed into the required shape, and the polyamide filled with short glass fiber immediately 6 composite molding, forming enhanced ribs and function pieces, such as using it. In the fixed seat of a fixed component. The use of a single injection molding process helps reduce the production cost of the seat shell. Composite materials have excellent mechanical properties, so it can be designed with compact thin -walled chair shells. This can meet the \”strict\” technical requirements related to the installation space.

Tepex The excellent hangingability is also very beneficial, because the chair shell structure has a higher thermal forming ratio.

\u0026 nbsp; 时,Bond-Laminates公司为Reinert\u0026nbsp;[ 123] and Seatcon provided a lot of help. The company experts provided the correct heating semi -finished composite materials and the professional technologies properly disposed of in injection molds. They also helped optimize the design and structure of the components. \u0026 nbsp;

Langsheng Company is expected to adopt [ 123] TEPEX

The needs of composite material products will grow -not only for seat shells. Obermann Said: \”We found that other car structure components with excellent load capacity also have huge application potential, such as brake pedals, airbags, airbags Shells, front and rear seat structures, front -end carriers and bottom protection parts. Therefore, we are now expanding us brilon Tepex Industrial production capacity. \”

Follow, not a fabric, not a fabric Structure

123] K 2013 , BASF For the first time, the company exhibited its new type ] Ultracom \u0026 nbsp;

Product strip form display products and complete services for composite materials. This component is used for hybrid vehicle battery pallets, which will enhance zone and zone and zone and with the strip zone and Injecting the rib structure is combined together. The display product adopts processing Ultraatape \u0026 nbsp;


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The two components of the live demonstration showed [123 ]


The design freedom of the first form shows the specific load path of the cross -shaped strip plug -in. The reinforcement structure, the sequence of the fiber is also the same as the load path. Each form will BASF Ultraatape The strip structure matches a matching with a kind of matching with a kind of matching with a kind of matching with a kind Composite mold plastic, that is, special high -resistant shock polyamide number Ultramid B3ZG7 COM or high rigidity ultramid \u0026 nbsp ; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; B3WG12 COM . \u0026 nbsp;

[ Ultraatape

It can meet the high requirements of the lightest weight of mechanical parts. Under the condition of large -scale production, components use automated manufacturing processes called \”

\”. This process is by the supplier of automobile accessories Rehau Neue Materialien Bayreut 123] Limited development. \u0026 nbsp; The band is used as the orientation ( ud

) The impregnated fiber composite material is removed from the material roll, and the stacker is stacked to the required overlap structure. The production scale of the automatic strip stacking is Fraunhofer Institute

Chemical Technology [ 123](ICT)提供的xinchen extrusionRELAY[ 123] Technology. Then use appropriate pressure molding machine to fix 2D Structure, that is, pressing at high temperature, then formed, and in the final process, with [ 123] Ultramid CoM Composite molding, make


components. Neue Materialien BayReuth

Co., Ltd. uses the automated production unit manufacturing of industrial production scale for producing thermoplastic plastic composite components. 2500 t Injection machine. \u0026 nbsp; Compared with the composite material components manufactured by the material (cushion), the process of thermoplastic strip is more complicated, but it compensates for this. Multi -components are more complicated, but compared with the process of using fabric layer -layered materials, there are less waste and better performance. \u0026 nbsp; basf ] Company In the mid -year the ultracom ] The entire service includes UltraLaMINATE The cushion (compound) and the continuous fiber enhancement of the orientation immersion Ultraatape ( ud strip), applicable

ultramid com [] 123] Composite mold shaping mix (


a company’s polyamide series material) and related design and manufacturing technologies. Using this set of services,


The company provided semi -finished thermoplastic plastic materials on a whole set of development platforms and the need for injection and mixing.

\u0026 nbsp; basf ] In 2013 6 Based on Ultracom The first part of the system. This component is a test component, which uses Ultramid Composite mold compound, in basf [123 ] The company’s internal development was developed for the new production unit. \u0026 nbsp; 2013


10 10 10 ] Beginning,

The company uses the product name Ultracom [ 123] Provide a product and service system for its customers, including composite materials, that is, thermoplastic plastic layer coexistence materials and strips, for composite molding materials, and a whole set of services as the third part. The basic concept is to provide an overall development platform, penetrating the concept stage, design, simulation, process and component testing until it achieves high -efficiency large -scale production at customers. Ultracom The service system includes ultrasim \u0026 nbsp; Simulation Tool design assistance, using new manufacturing units to produce composite material components, and BASF Component testing capabilities prepared by the company. \u0026 nbsp;

Disman joined [123 ] lipa

\u0026 nbsp; [123 ] Royal Dutch Emman Group recently announced joining Cooperation project, This project is aimed at the production and development process of high -grade thermoplastic composite components with continuous fiber enhancement. \” lipa refers to the\” lightweight and integrated production process application \”. Disman will be responsible for providing advanced material technology and comprehensive operation guidance related to advanced materials related to polyamide . \u0026 nbsp; lipa ] The leader of the cooperation project Christian G \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp;

tze indicates: 123] The strong support provided by the team, we can further expand polyamide

. Share materials selection, component research and development, engineering technology and material processing related professional knowledge. We believe that the addition of Disman will help us in the \”comprehensive application of injection molding\” and \”continuous fiber enhance thermoplastic composite materials\” The realm of the realm again in the field. \”

[ 123] The advanced thermoplastic composite material launched by the automotive industry, the key factor that can successfully achieve mass production is automated production process.


The project team has developed an integrated process that includes the steps including preheating organic film materials (thermoplastic plastic immersion continuous fiber body). The organic plate will be transported to the lipa , and then use the thermoplastic plastic injection to produce finished components. All steps in the entire process — are mainly heating, processing, reshaping, injection, etc. -must be able to achieve mutual mutual and Tools and operations Perfect coordination between systems. In terms of low -pressure injection and textiles or thermoplastic plastic sheets, the suppression technology of flexible materials such as lipa

The major R \u0026 D cooperation companies of the team have

20 Rich experience for the remaining years.

Recently, [ 123] lipa The team launched a number of important cooperation projects in the field of high -grade thermoplastic composite materials. In the future, these materials will be mainly used in high -strength lightweight car markets. Disman’s joining undoubtedly injected new vitality into these R \u0026 D activities. \u0026 nBSP; In addition, Disman is also funded by the European Union \”


\u0026 nbsp; Disman is currently placed on the market based on ecopaxx \u0026 nbsp; Polyamide 410 123] , akulon \u0026 nbsp; Polyamide 6 [123 ] and

Stanyl \u0026 nbsp; Polyamide

46 Carbon fiber enhanced composite material products. Such products can significantly reduce the weight of the car body and chassis parts. The composite composite material of the glass fiber is mainly aimed at the weight loss of semi -structural parts. \u0026 nbsp;

Disman’s \”colorful technology, a better life ‘strategy -development and innovative solution to help end users create more value while reducing the adverse effects of the entire supply chain on the environment.\” \u0026 nbsp ;

Director of Disman’s Global Business Director -AKulon and ecopaxx danilo fioravante [ 123] Said. \”The closer cooperation of the partner is the key to the rapid implementation and success of these projects. \” \u0026 nbsp;

Equipment companies closely follow continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous continuous consecutive. Fiber enhancement technology

Continuous fiber enhancement enhancement Regardless of raw material enterprises, equipment manufacturing companies, or product processing enterprises, or even terminal application vendors, it can be said that it is the hotspot of the current attention. The market focused on all manufacturers is almost the car market. For example, the leading injection technology provider Arburg , , kraussMaffei At k The exhibition site was exhibited for the formation technology enhanced by continuous fabric structure; many extruded technical manufacturers Also actively responding to the needs of this market, Breyer The focus is not the familiar extrusion production line, but for the lightweight fabric enhancement structure for automobiles. Product impregnation molding technology, Milacron Squeeze out for the first time, the fabric enhanced product sample, Reifenhaeuser

The technology introduced also includes the molding technology enhanced fabric structure;

diffenbacher The most important technology on -site is the fabric structure. Enhanced car parts molding technology.

\u0026 nbsp; [ 123] Since the technology is hot, some manufacturers have begun to develop other related technologies. isra vision k The exhibition introduced its monitoring technology specifically for the application of composite material impregnation molding process.

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Long fiber enhancement \u0026 nbsp; The application is even more Guang

continuously In addition to fiber enhancement, other long fiber enhancement technology is also one of the markets with high attention. \u0026 nbsp; Celstran LFRT Increase ebm-PAPST fan performance \u0026 nbsp; The fan is a necessary equipment for industrial kitchen, office and factories Essence EBM-PAPST

The company’s new type radical

series fan adopts global technology And Special Materials Company

Clanese Celstran 123] ) Made Radical

fan impeller.

\u0026 nbsp;

123] is a composite material made of the matrix and orientation long glass fiber by thermoplastic polypropylene ( pp

The stability is complicated, with a complicated structure, with high mechanical load Radical The ideal material of the fan impeller. Glass fiber enhancement polymer has high strength,The characteristics of light weight and convenient molding can optimize the liquidity of the leaf structure and have resistance

, chemical resistance, excellent resistance to resistance, and excellent resistance to resistance The impact intensity does not need to be processed.

\u0026 nbsp;

]RadiCal风机系列无螺旋壳体,采用GreenTech EC电机,后向弯曲式叶片, Has high hydraulic efficiency. Its size is the same as the predecessor with asynchronous motors, and the new model can be easily replaced with old models.

\u0026 nbsp;


The company is a global leading company in the fan and motor industry. 14500 A variety of products, headquarters in Germany. The company uses simulation to optimize the shape of the impeller. The model is manufactured and compared on the prototype to avoid excessive changes in the final section and traffic loss. In this stage of development, plus Celstran LFRT-PP The excellent damping characteristics help reduce the noise level generated by the fan. \u0026 nbsp; 123] In this application, it proves its multifunctional characteristics: chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high impact strength and gap shock strength, extremely low creep and warning, etc. Increased Radical The performance of the fan, extending the service life.

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New high -performance long fiber enhanced plastic \u0026 nbsp; Compared with the traditional polyamide, it has better impact resistance, higher creep resistance, more resistant to creep, With fatigue resistance, higher mechanical strength and rigidity at high temperature, these are Radicigroup k 2013 [123 [123 ] The main advantages of new long fiber enhanced special materials launched at the exhibition.

\u0026 nbsp; 123] Special materials include nylon

6 and ] The brand number, because it has excellent characteristics, is the ideal alternative material for metal (high working temperature or long -term mechanical stress and thermal stress). In these applications Performance.

\u0026 nbsp;


RADISTRONG \u0026 Reg; The long fiber special materials are made of a pull -forming process, and the glass fiber content is 20% -60% . \u0026 nbsp;

There is no doubt, continuous fiber enhancement enhanced Technology, including other long fiber enhancement technology, has become an important direction for high -performance lightweight. One thing we need to pay attention to is that in the process of technology development of international leading enterprises, companies, research institutions, and end users at different technologies, sincerely cooperation between end users, can finally be successfully applied to this technology

[ [ 123]