PPG Increase Investment Automobile Plastic Board Extrusion Line components and accessories automatic color telleting systems

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

] Apad ) The investment intensity of the automated toner system of paint and related coating products. The specific financial terms were not disclosed.
Recently announced that it will further increase the auto parts and decorative accessories (
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Automated color color adjustment technology can significantly improve the production efficiency and speed approval speed of PPG to better serve the car to better serve cars Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and spare parts supplier. ]

Automated color coloring technology can significantly improve PPG production efficiency and the speed of approval of coating batch approval to better serve the original car original car original car original Equipment manufacturer ( OEM and spare parts supplier. With this technology, various coatings can be automatically extracted from the storage bucket according to the correct ratio, and can be mixed directly in the transport container, which greatly simplifies the coating production process process and improves Production efficiency.

Following Apad in Germany and Russia, ppg

] Recently, the coating production factory in Santa Hutaro, Mexico has opened Apad Automated color coloring system. In addition, ppg will also be put into operation and run another color adjustment system in Indian Starberbud in India in the year of . \u0026 nbsp; Previously, the automated color tone system was already in ppg Located in Bayadolid, Spain State Oak Creek and Tianjin in China Apad The coating production plant is officially launched. \” PPG The automated color tone technology can significantly improve our paint and coating product production capacity, and serve our world’s customers . \”

ppg Global general manager of automotive components and decorative accessories business Rodger Lee Pelo said. \”Our production capacity expansion in this unique field has further reflected PPG The solemn commitment to the automotive parts and decorative accessories industries, it is also conducive to improving product consistency and ensuring accuracy of color accuracy. Under the premise of sex, it responds to customer needs more quickly. \” Due to the continuous expansion of the color requirements of the original equipment manufacturer and its parts suppliers, the amount of plastic and other substrates is used It is also in a state of continuous rise, and automated coloring technology will play a vital role in the automotive parts and accessories markets. Automatic production helps to greatly reduce product variability, thereby improving the consistency of color, appearance and construction performance in different paint and coating products, and can also greatly shorten the delivery cycle. PPG

strive to help the car parts and accessories industry customers achieve the highest output at the minimum risk. As an expert who can achieve the vehicle instrument board and accessories and OEM

The high -efficiency color matching of the coatings, ppg can be the original equipment manufacturer and its leading leader Suppliers provide excellent technology, services, and processes.