PP spunbond non Woven Fabric new technology

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The technology of injection production units is never as rich and common as today. On the one hand, production unit solutions have become the focus of almost all injection technology providers; on the other hand, injection production units have begun to integrate more and more special technologies. In the process of development of this technology, the status of supporting technology providers such as molds and automation has become increasingly prominent.
Injecting new technologies in the injection production unit ] 123]
The parts of the production of production are used in structure foam technology , Has an excellent appearance.

inject Molding Production Cell has never ben so porthand, the product cells deverted by Europhiner attention of the world; on the other hand, more specialized technologies are being integrated into the solution. During the process, auxiliary equipment manufacturers, mold makers and automation technology suppliers etc. are gaining in importance.


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High -surface quality extremely light foam core layer \u0026 nbsp;
Wittmann Battenfeld

[123’s ] Schaumform \u0026 nbsp;

Cooperation in

k Exhibition of foam injection plastic production technology, the office The surface quality of the produced foaming parts is exactly the same as the injection plastic parts manufactured by solid materials. The parts produced on the spot are a disk where the coffee cup or the business card is placed. \u0026 nbsp; The components are in a high energy efficiency Full electric Ecopower 240/1330 cellmould \u0026#65533; and \u0026 nbsp; variomould \u0026 nbsp;

The system and Hip-opening Technology. From

wittmann W822 The robot takes out and placed the product. At the exhibition of K 2013 , for the first time, a full electric elbow rod machine was used to achieve this combined process.

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The combination of three innovative technologies, namely physical melting foaming, modulus temperature control, and high -precision opening mold, and produce surface smooth parts through foaming processes. The surface of the component not only does not have stripes at all, but because it uses high precision to open the foam injection mold technology, it can accurately control the bubble expansion. The predecessor models made by the compact structure of the structure 30% . Typical applications are car interior covering parts, as well as the shell of sports equipment or home appliances.

\u0026 nbsp;

Adopting the modulus temperature technology, Independent temperature control of surface molding, foam expansion and molding parts cooling. Because the foam process is performed under the condition of high temperature at the later cooling phase, it can also achieve a large foam expansion rate, and because the injection molding stage is performed at a much high mold temperature, even if the wall thickness is extremely small, the thick wall thickness is extremely small. The place can also be filled. The appearance can be produced in this new foam technology. Compared with similar products, the weight can be reduced 30% .

\u0026 nbsp; KraussMaffei公司的SpinForm新一代多组分成型系统。

spinform , a new generation of multi -component system \u0026 nbsp; kraussmaffei spinform 旋转模板机特别适于制造多组分部件,一台GXW 550-2000/380 SpinForm[ 123] K 2013

On -site display. Combined with

bluepower Servo driver pump,

A new standard has been established in the field. \u0026 nbsp;

IR 900 R2700 F/K

Industrial robot hand Continue the post -order process steps. Robotics and other automated components, including safety hoods, are installed on the mobile robot platform. The robotic platform is kraussmaffei

The company directly installed, adjusted and put into use. The robot platform is directly supplied to the customer, and it can be used directly to the machine to use it. The robot platform also has extremely high flexibility when replacing production tasks. With one forklift, you can carry the robotic platform to another machine. Because all fixed points are firmly fixed together, the automation unit only needs to re -start it in a short time, and it can be put into production almost immediately.

\u0026 nbsp;

Hekuma与合作伙伴一起展出的高速、高精度胰岛素笔成型系统。 Insulin pen tip Intersection

\u0026 nbsp; Insulin pen tip interface is traditionally a disposable product. In Germany alone 600 Patients with 10,000 diabetes, the number of interfaces consumed each year reached

10 [ 123] 100 million.

\u0026 nbsp; ] K Exhibition, Hekuma With its two partners, mold manufacturers Braunform and Austrian injection molding machine maker Engel together to increase the production speed of the needle interface [ 123] 20%

At the same time, the quality was improved and the utilization rate of the entire process process was improved.

\u0026 nbsp;

3] In the manufacturing system of the booth display in the booth display in Hekuma [ 123] The company is responsible for the automation part of the process, that is, take out the needle interface from the mold and control and transport the product. Among them, including side tiring robots ( Heku DS

) and automatic automatic retrieved robotics, for quality control cameras, conveyor agencies, and in Storage in the bag.

In addition to increasing the speed, and the high precision of automatically removing the robot and transport system, compared with the traditional system, the quality control system also also Can further improve the utilization and efficiency of the system. Therefore, the treatment method of the mold cavity can ensure that all bad parts are taken out and scrapped. There is no need to use resources, nor will it not allow bad parts to enter the production process after entering the sequential production process (there are these problems in the free drop -off processing process). Hekuma The camera control system made by the company has a very fast response time when identifying and preventing the operation that might damage the mold.

\u0026 nbsp;

A mold realizes injection molding, vacuum molding and foam mold

\u0026 nbsp; [ 123] 现场演示的仪表盘部件采用Varysoft工艺,在一副模具内实现注塑、真空成型和泡沫模塑。

Georg Kaufmann

improved its use of soft products vasoft [123 123 ] The process makes the product surface more comfortable and has better grip characteristics. The core of the improvement process is the newly developed multi -functional mold. Together. At present, the right part of the dashboard of Hyundai Kia Automobile Company is being produced, K ] The booth exhibits a duo 3550/6 spinning machine 50 Pico Combi M injection molding machine. \u0026 nbsp; Improved [ 123] Vasoft

The multi -functional mold used by the process is equipped with a rotating template for two sections. In the first stage, in the inner structure of the injection molding duty in a fixed semi -mode, the preheated decorative material (the product uses thermoplastics

\u0026 nbsp; (TPO ) \u0026 nbsp;

Film) Put in the motion semi -mold for pre -molding. During the vacuum molding process, the surface structure of the instrument panel is formed, and the transition area of \u200b\u200bdifferent thickness foam and the opening of the instrument and other accessories. At this stage, the original smooth TPO Press the texture on the film and the simulation decorative suture. Finally, pur foam into the gap between the inner structure and film. It is this bubble layer that gives the dashboard an excellent soft touch. ]