PolyPropylene spunbond nonwoven computer screen is expected to appear soon.

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The fabric made of organic light -emitting diode (OLED) can be used on mobile phones and televisions. Can this diode technology applied to the luminous fabrics solve the problem of folding the computer display screen? In fact, the folding OLED still encounters some difficulties -it is easy to break through the tin oxide layer that can pass through the electrode. But researchers at the Canadian research institution RegroupementquééBECOISSMATériauxDepointe (RQMP) found a way to solve this problem and published this result in \”Applied Physics\”. \u0026 nbsp;

\”The organic light emitting diode is the technology of ZTE in recent years. The technology of luminous fabric. \”Professor Richard at the School of Chemistry of Montréal University explained.\” \”By using the thin piece of carbon nanoplasses to protect the conductivity and toughness of carbon nanotubes, and this thin piece is thin enough to be high and transparent Sex. \”\u0026 Nbsp; With the improvement of the manufacturing process, researchers successfully created a high -performance OLED on this new electrode material. In the research work, they also outlines the way to further optimize design parameters to further improve performance. In addition to softness, many props displayed by carbon nanotubes also make transparent conductive oxides used to make monks and luminous materials a good choice.