PolyPropylene spunbond non woven can’t afford it!Can’t let the poisonous plastic runway continue to \”run naked\”

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

123] The key is that the inferior polyurethane will remain more. These two types of unreasonable monomers are not completely polymerized, and one of the sources of harmful to the human body is these two monomers.
Polyurethane is equivalent to the long iron chain. These two monomers are equivalent to LSNH Cable Extrusion line
The playground of the Chinese school is currently based on plastic materials. At present, the domestic plastic runway is generally polyurethane material, which is supplemented by pigments, additives, etc. Qualified polyurethanes generally do not volatilize harmful substances.
中国学校操场目前以塑胶材质为主。 Photo:
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123] Recently, students have been exposed by the media due to the many news events of the school’s plastic runway. The poisonous plastic runway has also officially entered the public’s attention and became the thorn of parents’ minds. A healthy playground. Is the poisonous plastic runway so terrible? Where is the poisonous plastic runway poisonous?
Polyurethane is a chain molecule polymerizing the two monomers of \”polyether polyol\” and \”diisocyanate\”. Just like the iron chain is connected from the small iron ring,
one independent iron ring. If these two monomers are completely polymerized, the polyurethane itself is not harmful.
Polyether polyol itself is not harmful, but there will be some impurities mixed in the process of generation, such as the formaldehyde such as formaldehyde we know. The respiratory tract and skin have various discomfort.

Both cylinder can be said to be a toxic substance. It has a strong irritating smell, which is the skin, eyes and respiratory tractIt has a strong stimulus.
After its vapor is inhaled, it will cause bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, and pulmonary edema; after contact with the skin, it can cause dermatitis, and contact with the eyes can cause severe stimuli. If it is not treated, it may cause permanently Sex damage.
Especially people who are allergic to diisocyanate will have symptoms such as asthma, breathing difficulties, and cough after contact. In severe cases, it can cause redness and swelling and chemical burns, can also destroy the nasal mucosa, upper respiratory tract mucosa, and may even cause chemical damage. Studies have shown that diisocyanate harms the hematopoietic function of the human body, and the platelets of some diocyanate practitioners will decrease. In severe cases, leukemia is usually commonly said.

How to detect and reduce poisoning?

Test whether the plastic runway is qualified. The conventional detection methods generally include: sulfur rubber to resist the sun exposure test method, the measurement of the content of rubber and rubber products, thermal analysis method, etc. Essence
There is a laboratory testing method to cut plastic runway into broken grains, soak it in water, and then feed the rats to see the quality of the runway to determine the quality of the runway.

For ordinary people, the simplest and most helpless way is to smell rely on nose. If there is a odor, it is likely to be caused by the volatilization of the harmful residue of the plastic runway.

To reduce the hazards of plastic runway, it is necessary to start with two main toxic substances: reduce toxic impurities such as aldehyde in polyether polyol, so that the toxic substances in the final prepared polyurethane will also be reduced. Reduce the hazards of diocyanate. This can start from two aspects. On the one hand, it is completely aggregated as possible when preparing polyurethane, so as to reduce the residues of binochenate as much as possible. On the other hand, when preparing polyurethane, diopyl nignexal (MDI) is selected.

Is the relevant standards of the plastic runway really accurate?

According to reports, the national standards related to plastic runway products currently implemented in China are \”Stadium Use Requirements and Testing Methods Part 6: A track and Fields\” and \”Synthetic Materials Running Calcidal Facial Lane \” However, the two \”national standards\” have standard looseness that causes manufacturers to use organic solvents and even toxic solvents in large quantities, and both non -mandatory standards, which leads to the innate defects of \”standards without execution\”. It can be said that this is also the case that has caused the plastic runway for more than ten years. This situation makes people feel heavy.
A national standard about plastic runways seems to be imperative. But in addition, what we want to think about is whether the plastic runway must be the standard for each school.
Is the plastic runway really irreplaceable?

197On July 1, 1999, China’s first plastic runway was paved with the Beijing Workers’ Stadium. The country with China with China was working with China to build this runway. It was Japan.Nowadays, the bright plastic runway has blossomed around the campuses across China, but in Japan, primary and secondary schools are generally used in the sandy parks with a \”face value\”.

It is understood that the Japanese playgrounds generally use sand runways, and they even plant some vegetation on it. It looks quite primitive. The plastic runway is rare in Japan.Under the premise that the plastic runway does not meet the standard, should we also consider returning to the truth. After all, health is the first place, isn’t it?