Polybenzene sulfe ether PVC Sheet Extrusion Line Industrialization Technology

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

my country’s first 100 -ton polyophenate sulfe ether industrial testing device was built with an independent development process, and the industrialization amplification experiments have been completed recently. Experts believe that this indicates that my country has mastered the industrialized production technology of polybenzene, and is expected to build a large -scale production device in a short period of time.
Polyzhenylene sulfation is a new type of special engineering plastic. Compared with ordinary engineering plastics, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and good toughness, and is widely used in modern industries in the fields of electronics, automobiles, aerospace, petrochemical and other fields. Due to its complex craftsmanship and difficult technology, only the United States, Japan and other countries have realized industrial production.
The industrialization amplification experiment was completed by Cheng Cheng PIPE EXTRUSION LINE The High -tech Research Institute of Duguang Electronic Chemistry and the cooperation unit was completed.据介绍,此次实验在3个方面取得重要进展:一是采用了全溶液方式的准均相缩聚合制备生产工艺;二是可通过在生产中人工控制聚苯硫醚的分子量,生产出不同Products of strength and different toughness; third, the product melting point is as high as 297 degrees Celsius.
It is understood that the Shuguang Institute plans to cooperate with relevant enterprises to build a thousand tons or even larger polybenzene sulfon ether production devices in the near future