Plastic will replace silicon

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

It is reported that with the continuous improvement of plastic’s research on the performance of light -optical conductivity, the application range of plastic in the field of electronics will become wider and wider, and it is increasingly alternative to silicon. \u0026 nbsp;
Silicon is an important semiconductor material. At present, it plays an almost irreplaceable role in the field of electronic products, but the cost is high. Plastic is usually aggregated by polymer compounds, and its solution generally has greater viscosity. With the discovery of polymer polymers and the characteristics of conductivity, people have gradually conducted more in -depth research on them since the 1980s. \u0026 nbsp;
Peter Boyler, a chemist from Urm University, said that the progress of the characteristics of polymer polymer characteristics has helped people create many electronic components that were usually made of silicon materials before. For example, the luminous diode made of polymer polymer has been applied to many mobile monochrome display and some other display devices. Because these materials have the characteristics of self -luminous, the new screen made is 100 times brighter than the traditional computer and TV screen. Limited. \u0026 nbsp;
In addition, in the field of extensive application of electronic equipment manufacturing, such as various cards with microcar and barcode read devices, polymer polymers have gradually begun to replace silicon materials. \”Plastic chip Xinchen Extrusion is cheaper, and it is easier to process due to its soluble characteristics. Materials. \”\u0026 Nbsp;
Scientists believe that the study of polymer polymers in the next few years will also have a major breakthrough. For example, the solar cells that have been studied in recent years have not been studied, and a certain progress has been made. The efficiency of transforming solar energy into electrical energy has reached about 3 %. Once a research is made, its cheap cost will definitely bring widespread prospects. Moreover, the current manufacturing process can already make the conductive plastic very thin and have other characteristics such as bending. Boiller believes that it is expected to further reduce the volume of the computer and increase its operating speed in the current computer manufacturing.