Peru begins to ban plastics: gradually eliminating disposable plastic bags and unable to recycle ADVANTAGES of Twin Screw Extruder within three years

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] , and and and and. Last Wednesday, it easily passed the audit of Congress controlled by opposition.
This law that gradually eliminates disposable plastic products is the President of Peru’s gentleness
Lima, the capital of Peru, has a beautiful coastline. The new legal plan will gradually stop manufacturing, importing, sales and consumption disposable plastic bags, plastic straws and other plastic products that have not been recycled within three years.
Recently, Peru, located in South America, promulgated a new law about it 3200 Wanzhu residents use new plastic bags.
Martin Vizcarra

This law was unanimously adopted, highlighting more and more people supporting plastic waste in the marine, rivers and soils to prevent more and more people from entering the food chain. According to the United Nations, there are currently
Multi -countries shall implement or tax the use of plastics at one time. The United Nations has called for this Category measures to curb the wave of pollution. The global production is about

100 million tons of plastic, only 9% plastic is recycled.

Peru, which has 1500

Miles Pacific coastline, a South American tourist destination for seafood, The Minister of Environmental Protection is promoting This prohibition of disposable plastic bags said: \”We don’t want plastic bags to appear in pickled fish.\”