PE Recycled Pellets Svef sold the ultrafiltration film business to DuPont

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

BASF sold its ultra -filter membrane business to DuPont. \” Inge
Close Both parties did not disclose specific financial details.
BASF will be super super super Filtering business is sold to DuPont.
123] BASF and DuPont announced today that the two parties have signed an agreement and BASF sells its ultrafiltration membrane business to DuPont. The international sales team of the entire ultrafiltration membrane business
This asset transaction will include:
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The company’s company’s company’s company’s company’s company’s company’s company’s company All shares (the company is a wholly -owned company engaged in ultrafiltration membrane solutions)
Located in Glei, Germany Fenberg’s ultrafiltration film business headquarters and production base
part of BASF owned some intellectual property rights.
The team has achieved good results in promoting ultra -filter membrane technology. At present


The company occupies a certain position in the global ultrafiltration film market. But the effect of cooperating with BASF is relatively limited. \”President of BASF High Performance Chemistry Division

Anup Kothari

said, said, said, said, said, say, say \”Selling the ultra -filter membrane business to DuPont will be able to provide stronger value support for the future development of the business.\”

    \”As the world’s leading water treatment solution supplier, supplier supplier We continue to find a solution to the solution to the problem of water treatment for customers. \”DuPont Safety and Construction Division President
  • Rose Lee said,\” DuPont Water Treatment Technology and
  • Inge The integration of the team will further expand our product portfolio and improve our ability to customize and integrate the global drinking water, industrial and polluting water treatment. \”
  • [ 123] This transaction must reach the review and approval of the relevant departments to finally take effect. It is expected to complete the transaction process at the end of the year
  • at the end of the year.

] 123]