Packaging machinery manufacturer Schuis AC and DC Wire The Samebert: Provides sustainable and economical and efficient packaging technology

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Packaging machinery manufacturer Gerhard Schubert GMBH is dedicated to the coordination between the sustainability of the packaging and the cost benefits. The packaging machine manufacturer Schubert not only provides customers with highly flexible and robot-based top-load technology, but also unite with experts from Schubert-Consulting (Schubert-Consulting) department. Image.pngmichael Graf, Schubert-Consulting (Schubert-Consulting) Director and Schubert Sustainable Development Expert Group Schubert’s modular machine concept and consistent use of robots to ensure the best and long-term sustainable foundation: modularization The system is very flexible, and the packaging machine can be tailored according to the customer’s requirements. The Schubert machine can handle traditional packaging materials, such as plastic tray or composite film, and can also treat modern sustainable packaging materials made of cardboard or recycled pillow bag. Even the two packaging materials can be switched on the same production line. Additional formats or more sustainable packaging materials can be implemented in Schubert machines. For Chinese customers, Schubert has established subsidiaries responsible for sales and services in Shanghai since 2018. The Chinese team provides customers in industries such as food, candy, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and pet food industries with efficient, sustainable and future packaging processes.