Oral China RecyCling Granulator Machine Coca -Cola invested high -quality recycling PET packaging bottle

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Coca -Coca The recyclable PET packaging material is used in the Coca -Cola packaging bottle. Technical development. This technology will help the production of packaging materials containing recyclable
Coca -Cola announced a few days ago that to the Netherlands The company issued a loan to promote
可口可乐表示,该协议目的在于加速发展和部署含有高品质、可回收PET的包装材料,将其用于可口可乐的包装瓶中。 ]
Ioniqa Technologies
Ioniqa Technologies [123 ]
in waste that is difficult to recycle
Coca -Cola said that the purpose of the agreement is to accelerate the development and deployment of high -quality, recyclable

to use it to use it In Coca -Cola packaging bottle. The investment will support the environmental protection packaging target of Coca -Cola Company to make it to 2030 The packaging materials used in the year, at least 50% Materials For recyclable materials. The company said, Ioniqa Technology will support the development of the cycle economy of the plastic industry. For example, colored


Bottle, etc., re -recycled it into food -grade high -quality packaging materials. The agreement is expected to accelerate the expansion ongiqa PET Recycling technology scale. Chief Innovation Officer of Coca -Cola Company

Robert Long

said: \”Coca -Cola’s innovative and pioneering investment in recycling technology is a good opportunity. For, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for the recycling technology, it is a good opportunity. For, for, for, for, for, for, for the recycling technology. Complete the recycling closed loop and create PET The cycle economy’s measure is of great significance. We plan to continue investing in the development of correct partners Relations and solutions, so as to support the vision of the world without waste ‘. \” \u0026 nbsp; CEO Tonnis Hooghoudt said: \”Reaching a cooperative relationship with Coca -Cola Company is the difficulty Further verification of the monocardial order of grade materials. IONIQA

process can make plastic materials effectively recover and reuse, thereby transforming into high -quality, food grade PET , these plastic materials may not be effectively recycled elsewhere. At the same time, the factory we will be put into production next year will also become a step jump change. ] Plastic transformation into a more widely used recyclable material has been further developed, and continuously supports the vision of Coca -Cola Company. \” Earlier this year, United Leahua announced that it was announced与Ioniqa和印度拉玛风投公司(Indorama Ventures

)达成合作,试验将Ioniqa[ 123] Technology development to industrial scale level.