Open Plastic Pelletizing System \”Floating Factory\” mode!This company actually produced a mask on the boat and delivered the goods at the same time

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The new crown epidemic has promoted the huge demand for masks and other personal protection equipment (PPE) products. Many suppliers work overtime in order to meet huge needs, not only to meet the growing needs, but also ensure rapid delivery. Some suppliers come up with an innovative production model, such as establishing a \”floating factory\”, that is, the production facilities that need to be installed on the ship, and these vessels also voyage across the ocean to deliver the products to the buyer. Turkish A \u0026 S Holdings is such a company that raised its capacity to a new height and seized the opportunity to make a huge mask. Within each ship before the Hong Kong, within one month, A \u0026 S Holdings created a new company called Global Mask in Istanbul, and received a good response in the market. The order volume is between 1 and 150 million masks. U \u0026#287; Ur akku \u0026#351; said that the company decided to modify three ships and use it as a \”floating factory\” for the mask. Each ship can produce about 500 million masks during the cross -ocean navigation, and eventually stops to the country with the largest demand (mainly in North America and South America). Akku \u0026#351; explained that this innovative production method has its advantages, including acquiring ships at low prices during the period of epidemic popularity. It is understood that the three ships purchased by A \u0026 S Holdings have used to transport cars with a total price of nearly $ 89 million. Floating factories_1_web.jpgfloating factories_2_web.jpg The modified \”floating factory\” can produce masks on the way to the United States. (Source: A \u0026 S Holdings Company) The productivity is higher than that of ordinary factories Akku \u0026#351; pointed out that 100 high -tech masks production machines were installed on each ship. Because it can save time and cost, productivity is much higher than the level of ordinary factories. 100 high -tech masks production machines are operated by 150 professional employees, and 10,000 masks can be produced per hour per hour. He said: \”We in these factories are not only pre -ordered masks and medical protection clothing approved by the FDA. In addition to production and sales products, we also produce donations to the products we visited. We donate up to 20 % of sales revenue donations. For economic backward groups, such as the American indigenous people, Latin Americans and African Americans, and international non -profit organizations. \”The\” floating factory \”model allows the ship to produce in the process of driving to the destination, thereby saving production and transportation time Essence Akku \u0026#351; added: \”In emergency situations, some countries no longer need to spend a few weeks or a few months waiting for PPE products.\” These ships will stop in a number of ports such as New York, Florida and California in the United States to unload the mask to remove the mask Waiting for goods. These ports are strategic places for the distribution of masks and PPE products. Akku \u0026#351; Represents,One of the ships will also drive to Latin America, while the other will be sailed to London.