Ocefire Retardant Cablean Spray launched a plastic packaging jelly series

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] Ocean \u0026 nbsp; spray said that a bottle of 200ml cranberry juice provides 60 % of the antioxidant vitamin C with a reference volume.
high -quality transparent PET bottle, it helps us to better convey the concept of health and make our juice appear more attractive.\” [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 123] \”As a healthy brand, we are committed to promoting the development of frozen juice by continuously improving the series of products, and can bring a different experience while providing a healthy diet for customers.\”
Ocean spray recycling plastic packaging is currently used for cranberry flavored fruit juice and cranberry berries The original flavor does not add sugar juice packaging. According to Ocean \u0026 NBSP; spray, The new packaging will be fully applied to the company’s frozen juice series, Consumers who focus on healthy are looking for interesting and nutritious fruit juice solutions Essence
Ocean \u0026 nbsp; spray Plastic packaging made of recyclable PET materials (RPET), further highlights the health benefits of frozen cranberry juice. The headquarters in the United States said that the new plastic packaging is more beautiful than the previous carton packaging. Packaging is used in cranberry -flavored fruit juice and cranberry.
Ocean Spray可回收塑料包装目前用于蔓越莓原味果汁和蔓越莓原味不加糖果汁包装中。
\”By changing our packaging to trend, unique