Nordic WPC Machine Manufacturers Chemical: New recycling technology and new improvement to help industries move towards plastic cycles

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Borealis announced the launch of new plastic recycling technology BORCYCLE \u0026#8482;. This new technology will be used to produce high -quality compounds made of recycled polyolefin (RPO), such as the newly launched Borcycle \u0026#8482; MF1981SY, a RPO containing more than 80 % of the regenerative ingredients, for visual electrical components. Nordic Chemical also announced a series of major improvements in the existing recycling materials in Purpolen \u0026#8482; brand portfolio. The improvement of these new products and products reflects important technological progress, and promotes the transformation to the plastic cycle economy. Nordic chemical industry and its wholly -owned subsidiary MTM Plastics will show the new BORCYCLE technology and innovative recycling products in K 2019 in October. Nordic chemical uses its VISIONEERING Philosophy \u0026#8482; the development and practice of a new type of polyolefin solution to achieve plastic reuse, re -cycle and recycling, and circular design. This series of actions belong to part of Everminds \u0026#8482; Everminds \u0026#8482; is a platform for Borealis to promote the development of the industry. By using its professional experience in the field of primary polyolefins and cooperating with the value chain partners, the Nordic Chemical Industry continues to discover new opportunities for business growth under the circular economy framework. The on -site product display of the Nordic chemical industry in the preheating activities of the K 2019 series. The on -site technology group discusses the promotion of technology to realize the new technology of polyhydin circular development. As a transformative technology, it supplements and improves the existing Nordic chemical primary polyolefin product portfolio through a series of pioneering cycle solutions. As a scalable modular technology, Borcycle’s development aims to meet the market’s demand for high -quality recycling products. For example, many leading home appliance brands have promised to increase the regenerative plastic ingredients in their products. However, until recently, the manufacturer still could not get enough high -quality recycling products for continuous supply. BORCYCLE technology will help respond to this challenge. Compounds made with BORCYCLE technology can bring high performance, value -added and multifunctional. Manufacturers and brands from all walks of life will benefit from the supply of high -quality recyclables, which will help them respond to the challenges of environmental and supervision. Maurits Van Tol, senior vice president of Nordic chemical innovation, technology and circular economy solutions, \”If our goal is to implement a solution to create value in the field of circular economy, it is important to promote technology.\” Maurits Van Tol, senior vice president of solution. \”‘Commoning to create the future’ means innovation, cooperation, and customer -oriented. The most important thing is to take action. We launch a new backReceiving technology BORCYCLE is a practical proof of our dedication to realizing circulating plastics. \”The new and improved recycling equipment for high -end applications BORCYCLE \u0026#8482; MF1981SY is the first product in the upcoming RPO solution using BORCYCLE technology. This product is launched in Europe. This compound is an ideal of the RPO product series. In addition, because it contains 10 % talc filling compounds and contains more than 80 % of regenerative material components, it provides ideal balance between stiffness and impact. 。正如其在mtm回收材料塑料系列中的同类产品一样,Borcycle\u0026#8482;MF1981SY是一种真正可持续的产品。相比初生塑料,mtm的回收利用可减排30%左右。相比初生塑料, The recycling of MTM can be reduced by about 30 %. The existing recycling level in the Purpolen product portfolio has achieved many major improvements. PURPOLEN \u0026#174; ppy40 -recycling polypropylene (PP), higher liquidity -for thin walls for thin walls The felling index of the injection molding and the long fluid path of the component increases to 40g / 10 minutes. Hua-Squeezing out the level of improvement of gel: O to improve screw O more fine melting filtration O through integration of hybrid components, which is comparable to the traditional level of the industry; suitable for general application Purpolen \u0026#174; PEY01-has low melting-has low melting melting 100 % -PCR grade of body flow rate (MFR); the extrusion process for pipeline or large-capacity bottle.–In the extrusion process, the content of low MFR and low gel is the production bottle and pipeline (and other products). Prerequisites can improve the aesthetic effect and create better surface smoothness and process stability. \”Mechanical recycling is the most ecological benefit of the current principles of circulating economy,\” Gunter Stephan explained by the head of mechanical recycling of the Nordic chemical cycle economy solution. . BOREALIS and MTM plastic are using their professional experience to improve the reliable supply of high -quality recycled plastics for European producers by improving recycling capacity and ensuring that European producers have made significant progress in achieving the cycle of polyhydin. \”