Nordic Chemical announced the launch

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Borealis announced that its open innovation cooperation with QPINCH has achieved important milestones. QPINCH is an innovative, patented the creation of patented thermal recycling technology. After the completion and launch of the new demonstration device technology, QPINCH’s thermal recovery technology will be put into large -scale commercialization for the first time. The thermal recycling device will be located in one of the existing low -density polyethylene (LDPE) production bases in Nordic chemical industry, which is located in the port of Antwerp, Belgium. It is the largest chemical cluster in Europe. The device will test the ability of the technology and its upgrade potential in factories around the world. This cooperation has a special advantage, which helps Nordic chemicals to make significant progress in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, it has improved production efficiency and maintained cost competitiveness. BOREALIS.PNG Nordic Chemical Starting QPINCH -based thermal recycling device QPINCH technology imitates the natural process to recover a large number of industrial waste heat (industrial amateur heat) unique and innovative QPINCH technology simulated the so -called ATP/ADP loop in the human body (where ATP is ATP Refers to a natural chemical response in trigly -phosphate, ADP refers to the natural chemical reactions in diophosphate). By using the chemical process to increase the temperature of the residual heat, QPINCH technology provides heat up to the unused residual heat. Unlike the use of traditional heat pumps, this closed -loop process minimizes operating costs and electricity. This technology can expand from 1 MW to 50 MW, so it can deal with a large amount of industrial waste heat. Since its launch, the thermal recycling demonstration device has been testing QPINCH technology to further apply it to production facilities elsewhere elsewhere in Nordic chemical industry and other technologies of Nordic chemical industry. The launch of the thermal recycling device is one of the several measures to help Nordic chemical closer to its energy and climate goals, that is, the energy efficiency of 20%by 20%by 2015 will be increased by 2030. The more widely used application of QPINCH technology in production facilities will help Nordic chemicals significantly improve the sustainability and efficiency of its group operations. The new thermal recycling device of Zwijndrecht/ Antwerp will reduce the annual discharge of carbon dioxide of about 2,200 tons of carbon dioxide or equivalent to about 1,500 small cars per year. As a branch of GHENT University, QPINCH has positioned its patented technology as a series of large -scale solutions for a series of faster and more effective emission reduction in a series of industries, including chemicals. Nordic chemical and QPINCH announced the first open innovation cooperation in 2018, and now this commercial scale has formed a hot recovery device. For Nordic chemicals, this project marks the biggest potential application based on open innovation results so far. The project was supported by the Belgian Flanders’ ecological funding. \”Life requires progress. This cooperation shows the aspirationThe huge potential of open innovation between technology pioneers.Erik Van Praet, Vice President of Nordic Chemical Innovation and Technology, said, \”We believe that the project will be the first of our many successful projects with QPINCH.For Nordic chemicals, the launch of this hot recycling device is one of the milestones in our re -exploring a more sustainable lifestyle mission.\”Wouter Ducheyne, co -founder and chief executive officer and chief technician of QPINCH, said:\” Integrating our technology into complex chemical production process is the crystallization of our ten years of research and development and teamwork.\”\” This hot recycling device shows the huge potential of energy efficiency. It is really great to have the first pioneer of this innovative journey.\”