News!PE Recycled Pellets Saci Mi set up a hard packaging technology department

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

In order to strengthen the technical advantages of SACMI in the field of beverage packaging and promote the parallel of products in parallel, the Sacry Group decided to adjust the business strategic model and officially set up a hard packaging technology department. Sackmi.jpg \”As a major global beverage packaging mechanical supplier, Saci Mi fully considers various processing links during each development stage. Its products include container production, bottle cap production, video detection and assembly equipment. We are not Limited to a single product field. We cooperate with major international brands to jointly develop various proprietary technologies, which enables our products and production lines to cover multiple products areas. \”Vezio Bernardi, general manager of Hard Packaging Technology Department, said. According to reports, the integration of the department aims to give full play to the synergy effects in various technical fields to facilitate further promotion of the implementation of the Sakmi business strategic plan and internal management. Specifically, core businesses such as bottle caps, bottle and container production technology are merged with the business department of the rear processed processing device and the VELOMAT assembly equipment. Velomat was acquired by Saci last year. It is a high -speed assembly equipment manufacturer of a bottle cap, plastic pump head and medical machinery, and will play a pivotal role in this internal integration. \”This adjustment means that Sacmy will provide a variety of different production lines and multi -material solutions worldwide. The rear device includes the bottle caps and folding edges of the bottle caps in the field. Velomat assembly device. \”Vezio Bernardi added. The Hard Packaging Technology Department will focus on the fields of lightweight, serial caps, bottle cap-bottle-bottle designs, video detection equipment and artificial intelligence in 2021, and strive to break through the technical barrier to bring more innovation and vitality to the beverage packaging industry. For example, a new single -layer or multi -layer capsule molding molding device (CCM) and bottle injection molding equipment (IPS), container pressure plastic blowing bottle molding equipment (CBF) is suitable for the production of PET, PP and HDPE containers will be in the beverage in the beverage The packaging industry has greater application space. In addition to plastic packaging, the merger also includes metal packaging. Sackmi is conducting the feasibility study of plastic replacement materials, such as cellulose. Sakmi R \u0026 D Center cooperates with various organizations, including forming a partnership with various certification institutions, comprehensive colleges and Saciomi users around the world, and constantly explore the application of new materials, especially in the field of plastics. Based on the existing standard design, the existing standard design , Jointly develop and promote the development of sustainable packaging technology.