New ultra -low VMELT SPINNING MACHINE Priceoc water -based coating technology to create new standards for safety seat system

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Video screenshots of the safety seat system based on the new Lurapret \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 Liq (ultra -low VOC hydrophothane (PU) polymer coating technology). (Photo: Ang high) Based on the new LURAPRET \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 Liq (ultra -low VOC water -based polyurethane (PU) gathering Profile Extrusion Line Compound coating technology), a video screenshot. (Photo: Ang Gao) As a world -leading company dedicated to color and special chemical sustainable solutions, Ang Gao recently launched a new type of ultra -low VOC water -based polyurethane (PU) polymer at the International Textile and Technology Machinery Exhibition (ITMA) Coating product Lurapret \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 Liq. This innovative coating technology for the textile industry can achieve excellent waterproof, flexibility, durability and anti -ultraviolet performance. With the increasing requirements of customers’ safety and environmental protection, water -based PU coating has gradually become the first choice coating technology in the textile industry. Ang high lurapret \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 LiQ aims to provide richer water -based coating options for textile manufacturers, improve the performance of coating fabrics, and help them meet indoor and outside textiles, non -woven fabrics, paper and other types of applications. Strict requirements. Lurapret \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 LiQ were originally developed for the chemical bonding and coating of backpacks and other industrial products, which can improve mechanical properties such as tensile strength and scratch resistance of materials. These two new products will become the core of the Ang high security seat system. The system combines lurapret \u0026#174; N5392 and N5396 liq and Ang high Pekoflam \u0026#174; STC P P halogen -free flame retardant, which can provide a halogen -free flame retardant coating system for synthetic leather interior. LURAPRET \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 liq and Ang high with NUVA \u0026#174; N2155 and N4547 anti -pollution -proof anti -viscosity surface use, customers can achieve the highest hydrophobic and waterproof standards in the industry. LURAPRET \u0026#174; N5396 and N5392 liq are suitable for soaking, coating (slurry or foam) and spraying process, and meet the certification requirements of zero emissions (ZDHC) and blue labels (*bluesign \u0026#174) for harmful chemical substances. Lurapret \u0026#174 ;, NUVA \u0026#174;, Pekoflam \u0026#174; It is a trademark registered in many countries in many countries.