New type of low -cost liquid pigment pump is more Cable Extruder Machine precision and easy to operate

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Peristep liquid pigment pump. , but it can more accurately measure color pulp to injection molding
A few days ago, Mei Kui Products Co., Ltd. released a newly designed liquid color pulp pump, which is lower than existing equipment 123]
Profile Extrusion line
or squeezed out for molding production, simplify the start and color replacement steps, simplifying the start and color replacement steps, and the color replacement steps. And the required maintenance workload is extremely low.

The main inlet of the color paste injected directly into the resin ingredients. This patent is currently applying for a patent Peristep The accuracy of the pump is higher than that of the standard volume pump [123 123 [123 ] 20%

, and with a self -regulating automatic speed regulating device, which can maintain the consistency of color adding.

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Setting and starting the device is very simple The whole process only requires three steps, which is simple and intuitive. When changing the color, the operator only needs to open the top cover of the pump, and then lay a new pipeline on the inside pressure roller. There is no need to put the pipeline into the compressed area. Pipelines can be reused 6 A month, there are 3 Simples can adapt to various color plus output volumes.

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Two innovations (US patent application number \u0026 nbsp; 62/025 Peristep 123] The key to achieve low cost, high accuracy and simplicity of the liquid pigment pump. The driving system uses a step into the motor to replace the standard motor. The motor shaft has a small discrete increase when rotating, achieving the accuracy and repetitive movement of movement.

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This motor drives the central government [123 ] \” Center pressure roller, and then pass the exercise to ] \” Confinement

\” pressure roller to form compression of motility pump [ [ 123]/

Quine cycle. Mei Kui will be reduced from the number of dynamic rollers from the traditional 6 4 . The center pressure roller drives from the dynamic roller through the friction force during contact. It can provide a speed reduction of 5: 1 . \u0026 nbsp; President of Mei Kui products [ 123] Steve Maguire indicates, Peristep This compact simplified design of pumping will not cause cause Gear or bearings wear to maximize the maintenance of maintenance. If the pump must be disassembled, you only need to remove

to operate the roller group.

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\u0026 nbsp; peristep \u0026 nbsp; When setting operations in the controller of the pump, you only need to enter 3 item number number numbers: (Injection molding) injection molding or extrusion speed, liquid color slurry ratio, and density of liquid color slurry.The controller will automatically calculate the ideal material weight and volume ratio to maximize the chance of errors.