New PVC wood plastic composite model Extruder for PE Cable board process and development

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pvc [PVC [ 123] Wooden plastic composite template is an industry that is environmentally friendly, circular economy and sustainable development. It is an ideal material for plastic wood. Its market demand is large and its development prospects are broad.

Wood Plastic Composition (WPC) Based on Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is an environmentally substitution for wood. For Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Products Grow, The WPC Industry is Poised for A Bright Future. 123]

The physical mechanical properties of circulating plastic templates and other templates. Cyclone with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic templates The first, the market is rare. It has good performance in construction engineering, and the mechanical performance effect is significant. There are four types of templates: combined steel templates, wooden templates, bamboo templates, and wooden plastic composite templates in the current construction engineering. The performance of plastic templates is better than the other three, and the service life is 10 \u0026#8764; 20 years.
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循环型塑料模板与其他模板的物理力学性能比较。 3
Wood plastic composite is the most effective method for waste plastic recycling and regeneration. It is one of the measures for resource conservation and environment -friendly society. The development of PVC-U (hard polyvinyl chloride) plastic templates is the circular economy and sustainable development. The current status of development at home and abroad The development of plastic templates at home and abroad. In recent years, plastic templates are mainly in the United States, Owa JapanBen, South Korea and other developed countries have developed rapidly, that is, German MEVA templates, American Symons, Slovenia EPIC Corporation, and light templates developed by Kanaflex Group in Japan, and South Korea’s Hanhua plastic templates. The world’s developed countries have developed rapidly, there are many varieties, and the technology is advanced. The development trend has gradually replaced bamboo, wood plywood and steel templates. The research and development of Chinese plastic templates began in the 1980s. In 1982, it began to develop a setting and combined PP template. Since then, it has gradually developed enhanced plastic templates, hollow plastic templates, and engineering plastic templates. In the 1980s, Bao Gang and Shanghai Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd. jointly developed glass fiber enhanced composite plastic templates; Kunming Institute of Technology used waste slag and quartz sand to develop composite plastic products with waste plastics as adhesives. , Floor brick, decorative materials and building drainage pipes, etc.; Tangshan Modern Template Co., Ltd., united by Tsinghua University, the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hebei Institute of Technology, successfully enhanced PP plastic templates; Wood plastic templates with bamboo, PP, wood powder, and flame retardants as raw materials; at the same time, the wooden plastic shaving templates and GMT (glass fiber felt enhanced thermoplastic composite material) templates were successively developed, but most of them were used in construction engineering. Mainly PP and PVC plastic templates. \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp;
PVC plastic composite template has excellent physical mechanics and practicality. High intensity, impact resistance, acid alkali resistance, wear resistance, long service life, the number of turns can be 40 times \u0026#8764; 100 times; light weight, convenient support, easy disassembly and use, low operation work strength, high construction efficiency, high construction efficiency ; The surface is smooth and smooth, no need to brush off the mold, and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs; plastic templates can be processed well. They can be used at the same time Recycled regeneration, saving resources, and reducing pollution. Plastic templates have the commonality of conventional architectural templates and many advantages beyond the regular model. Therefore, it will be the ideal product of \”plastic generation wood, shaping steel, and bamboo\”.
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Wood plastic composite template material mixing from PVC and waste recycling materials and wood fibers and plant fibers, add help to help Double screw extrusion machine, high temperature heatingSqueeze out and suppress the molding to make plates. Adopting extruded molding process methods, it focuses on ensuring that wood powder and fillers are filled with high filling system with high liquidity and permeability, prompting plastic melts to fully bond the wood powder and fillers to achieve common compounding Mechanical performance and other aspects of use performance eventually produce higher -performance templates at a lower cost. The inward foaming or CELUKA, that is, the foaming method. The products produced by this process method are hard, smooth, and have good mechanical performance. Main raw materials: PVCSG-5, SG-7; fiber: wood powder, plant fiber, straw powder, plant shell, etc. Generally speaking The larger the diameter, the lower the water content, the lower the better (not less than 0.3%); the additive: coupling agent, lubricant, light stabilizer, antibacterial agent, water absorption, etc.
Select the average polymerization PVC polymerization P \u003d 1000, the modified auxiliary SG-5, and the aggregation is increased to 1300 (about 70 K value), which can supplement the insufficient viscosity; consider recycling the brittleness of the plastic The content is 35%\u0026#8764; 40%), and the dosage is 1/3 of the CACO3, so that
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will reduce the concentration of the filler and control the amount of the two in the reasonable amount. The main performance returns to the performance of the state of the new product. Puppet nitrogen di metamimam (AC) foam, ZNO pigment, plasticizer: DBP, \u0026 nbsp; DOP, stabilizer: zinc acid zinc, calcium calcium, coupling agent: KH-550 (KH-550 ) Compatible agent: methyl methampite (MMA) and acrylic (BA). Antioxidants: peroxidine-2-ethyl nicotyl (TBPEH), flame retardants: SB2O3; fillers: calcium carbonate, wood powder, other additives, etc.

Main production equipment: ① The same direction of dual screw extrusion machine. Model SJ-150, screw speed: nmax \u003d 14-22R/min, host current: 50 \u0026#8764; 80A, screw speed: 12r/min; extrusion: 204g/min; long diameter ratio (L/d) is the long diameter ratio (L/d) is the long diameter ratio (L/d) is the long diameter ratio (L/d) is the long diameter ratio (L/d) is the long diameter (L/d) is the aspect 30: 1; Schedule speed adjustment: plasticization ability: 90kg/h or more; motor power: 45kW. ② High -speed mixed machine, temperature of 90 ° C, speed 1000r/min. \u0026 nbsp; ③ grinding machine, pinching machine, traction machine, cutting machine. ④ Electronic balance.
Process parameter control: (1) Process temperature: The temperature is divided into five segments, the fuselage: the supply section is 175-186 ° C, the compressed section is 180-186 ° C, the measurement section is 185-190 ° C; 190-200 ° C, connector: 175-185 ° C. (2) Squeeze speed: When the speed is 12R/min, it can get better mixed quality and surface quality, and squeeze out smoothly, smooth product, dense internal structure, and good strength.(3) Traction speed: The traction speed must be matched with the extrusion speed. Under normal production, the traction speed should be 3-5%faster than the extrusion speed. The speed of the host screw is 15-20r/min.(4) Other controls such as head pressure, mold temperature and other controls. On February 1, 2014, JG/T418- 2013 \”Plastic Template\” industry standards were officially implemented, promoting the healthy development of the plastic membrane industry.The new PVC wooden plastic template can be reused. It is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and easy to build, and can be recycled and regenerated. It can reduce the damage of plastic to the environment.\u0026 nbsp;