New crown vaccine glass bottle shortage?Topas Cocchina Recycled Plastic Machine

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

PolyPlastics USA recently said that due to the sustainable development of the new crown epidemic, customers’ interest in its Topas \u0026 Reg; Circular Anemine Symbol (COC) materials has increased. Topas COC has been a material solution for medical syringes and containers for a long time. The market has been dominated by borosilicate glass and disposable diagnostic containers. Topas VIALS (Hi-Res) (1). Jpg has signed several confidentiality agreements with the client, and Baoli Plastics stated that it was impossible to discuss the application of the material publicly. Timothy Kneale, President of Poly Plastic American Corporation, said that COC is using applications related to COVID-19 virus detection and is developing for new vaccines and treatment. \”With the development of a series of new testing and treatment methods, many companies have found that the use of the highest purity and the most inertia products is important for their research and development. We are glad to help fight the epidemic.\” Timothy Kneale said that due to pharmaceutical companies Worried about the shortage of glass bottle will affect the development of vaccines, and their interest in Topas-COC materials has increased. Timothy Kneale said Topas-COC can alleviate the potential material shortage of borosilicate glass used to make vaccine bottles. Although the cheap borosilicate glass meets today’s industrial demand, there are still some emerging drugs and therapies incompatible with glass. He specifically pointed out that with the emergence of more biotechnology, Topas-COC may play an important role. Kneale pointed out that Topas-COC’s immersive and extractable materials are extremely low, as well as its non-polar, low-reactivity surface and extensive global regulatory compliance, making it a one-time material, vaccine and therapeutic agent packaging for diagnosis Good choice. \”Topas-COC can achieve ultra-high purity, and its inertia can prevent interference reactions and analysis. At the same time, its optical properties can reach 91%clarity and have excellent UV transparency and low double refraction. It has high design freedom of design freedom Degree, injection molding can be performed to make lightweight wearable drug conveying solutions and portable diagnostic equipment. \”Kneale said he said that the material has now realized commercial applications in some world -leading healthcare companies. Praise 1