Net profit increased by 514.52% year -on -year.

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

A few days ago, Doun’s shares released the third quarterly report of the 2020s. The company’s \”transcript\” in the first three quarters of 2020 was dazzling: operating income was 3.307 billion yuan, an increase of 65.88%over the same period last year; The same period last year increased by 514.52%. Among them, the operating income in the third quarter was 1.032 billion yuan, an increase of 48.53%year -on -year, and the net profit attributable to 195 million yuan, an increase of 306.05%year -on -year. In the first three quarters, the company’s weighted average net asset yield was 53.94%, an increase of 41.21 percentage points from the same period last year; the basic yield per share was 1.93 yuan, an increase of 522.58%over the same period last year. On the same day, Haier New Materials, a subsidiary of Daoban Holdings, used its own funds to acquire 13.22%of the China Sciences held by Haier Group, and authorized the management management to handle related matters. After the completion of this transaction, Haier’s new material holds 13.22%of the shares of China Science and Technology, and the company indirectly holds the first shares of Zhongke. It was confirmed that the transfer consideration was RMB 1.31161 million. Page_tuji_img1.jpg Polymide Molition Spray Special Organic Order Significant Increase is the main reason for performance growth. It is understood that the significant increase of polypropylene melting spray orders is the main cause of performance growth in the first three quarters of Daen’s shares in 2020. During the reporting period, relying on the company’s accumulation and good reputation in the field of felting spray, the sales volume of the company’s fuse from epidemic prevention materials has increased significantly, effectively improving the company’s profitability, and some new products developed at the same time have been put into production and promoted the continuous growth of performance. As a leading company in the domestic thermoplastic elastic industry as the domestic thermoplastic elastic body, the product breaks the monopoly of foreign giants and has fully benefited from the trend of domestic alternatives and industrial upgrading. At the same time, R \u0026 D and innovation has always been an important internal motivation to support the sustainable development of the company. Since the beginning of this year, the company has developed projects such as waterproof roll materials, air -permeating film, degradable materials, PPS special engineering plastics, anti -strange series of products, blowing/plastic -grade high melt strength ABS and other projects. Among them, it can be decomposed to form a series of product reserves. Some products have been industrialized. Two series of materials have obtained the EU TUV biodegradation certification. The downstream customer products have obtained a variety of certifications of the European Union, Japan, and the United States, and they export them in small batches. The smooth advancement of R \u0026 D projects and new technologies and new products has increased the reserves of sustainable growth in future performance. In addition to R \u0026 D and innovation, the production capacity construction of Daen’s shares is also being carried out simultaneously. In terms of TPV, as the third largest and largest producer in the world, the company currently has 22,000 tons/annual capacity. As TPV promotion has entered a new type of sports flooring, environmentally friendly water pipe pipes, etc., the company will add production capacity. Further expand the production and sales scale of TPV, give full play to the leading effect, and increase the market share. In terms of TPIIR, Doun’s shares are the first mass -produced TPIIR. It is worth looking forward to replacing traditional rubber plug materials in the future. Currently 3,000 tons of TPIIR production capacity already has production conditions, and has obtained the US FDA certification and US Federal Pharmacopoeia USP six -level certification, and new production capacity will be put into production soon.In addition, the company breaks HNBR dependencies to rely on the import pattern and fills domestic gaps through hydrogenation platform technology. As the production capacity is gradually released, it is expected to contribute considerable profits.In the future, the Daen Group stated that in the next step, the company will rely on the country’s three major technical platforms for the development of the new material industry to develop multiple strategic favorable support for the development of the new material industry, relying on the \”dynamic vulcanization+esterization+hydrogenation\” to extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the modified plastic.Continue to maintain the competitive advantage of thermoplastic elasticity and melt spray.At the same time, focusing on the strategic positioning of \”elastic body, green lightweight polymer composite new material company\”, continuously focuses on leading technology, expand new products, and develop new customers.Strategic goal of Elastic Play New Materials Company \”.