Net profit increased by 45.3%year -on -year.

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123] 3.2%
Although the global economic growth rate has slowed down in the first half of the year, the consumption demand in the field of terminals at home and abroad has slowed down, Blonde Technology still achieves operating income year -on -year
Although the global economic growth rate has slowed down in the first half The demand is slow, and Blonde Technology still achieves 3.2%year -on -year operating income, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies has increased by 45.3%year -on -year. 1-6 month report.
Yesterday afternoon, blond technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Blonde Technology\”) released 2019 In the first half of the year (
, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased year -on -year

45.3% . The continuous decline in the automotive production and marketing market has affected the business of automotive modified plastic, high -performance carbon fiber and composite materials for car technology, but The rise brings good growth to biodegradable plastic and regenerative plastic. Among them,

Complete biodegradable plastic sales increased year -on -year 64.57% , the main growth market in Europe; environmental protection High -performance regeneration plastic sales increased year -on -year 9.69% . In terms of international market layout, net profit of blond hair increased year -on -year

186.52% ,


[ 123] New production line is about to be submittedInvestment; US blond sales year -on -year increase 17.36% ; European gold sale is \u0026 nbsp; 0.22 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 tons, a year -on -year decrease

\u0026 nbsp; 37.14% . Key financial data Business income: 123.42 billion Yuan (unit: Renminbi, the same below), year -on -year increase 3.2% Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies: approximately ] 5.096

billion yuan, a year -on -year increase


Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies ;

About 3.749 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase 35.43%


The company realizes the sales of finished products (excluding trade products): 74.10 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 tons, a year -on -year increase

\u0026 nbsp; 5.21%. Vehicle modified plastic sales decreased year -on -year, home appliance modified plastic becomes a new growth point During the reporting period, the company’s modified plastic realization sales volume \u0026 nbsp;


\u0026 nbsp; ] 10,000 tons, among which the vehicle modified material is completed

\u0026 nbsp; 23.40 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 tons of sales.

Affected by the slowdown of global economic growth, the continuous decline of domestic consumer demand, the implementation of the National Six Standards in advance, and the decline of new energy subsidies, the production and sales of the automotive industry continued to present year -on -year year -on -year production and sales year -on -year The decline, below the market expectations at the beginning of the year, the sales volume of the company’s vehicle modified plastics also decreased year -on -year. 2019 \u0026 nbsp; 3] In the first half of the year, the company was in odor control, VOC \u0026 nbsp; Control, fog control, and precipitated control, etc. ] The system will focus on research, continue to improve the level of product technology and engineering control, and the sales of low -odor interior materials have broken through the first half of this year

\u0026 nbsp; 8
\u0026 nbsp ;
The scale of 10,000 tons.

2019 \u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, the company’s new project in the automotive field broke through ] \u0026 nbsp; 1000 \u0026 nbsp; , of which the proportion of joint ventures and foreign OEMs exceeded half. \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp; [123 ] 6 \u0026 nbsp; Month, the company was officially positioned as a global platform supplier by Nissan. In addition, the company’s cooperation with Honda and Toyota has also gradually been promoted to the field of engineering materials and functional parts from the internal and external decoration materials of the past, achieving a comprehensive coverage of the types of materials. In Mercedes -Benz’s exterior materials, the company has formed a large -scale supply, and it is expected that the company’s market share will be further increased significantly. In terms of Mercedes -Benz and BMW’s materials, full coverage recognition has been completed, and comprehensive parts of component application have been launched.

In addition, the company has realized Tesla,

fca \u0026 nbsp; [ 123] The large -scale supply of local OEMs such as Ford, and the material recognition of the new domestic factory in Tesla. In the Indian market, the company has become the first supplier of polymer materials for the largest car brand Suzuki Motor. The company will continue to strengthen cooperation and development with automobile OEMs and parts suppliers to expand new materials application fields. 2019 \u0026 nbsp;

In the first half of the year, although there is a unpredictable international political environment and low operation, Domestic macroeconomic environments are unfavorable factors, but it is rejoicing that the trend of consumption upgrade in the home appliance industry has not changed.

The company has closely grasped the market development trend of \”big, beautiful, comfortable, wisdom, and health\” in the home appliance industry and the development trend of thinning, miniaturization, and environmental protection of parts and components. , Occupy the market height.

During the reporting period, the company launched a low -flow marks free spray \u0026 nbsp; pp ]

, thin -walled high flame -retardant grade

\u0026 nbsp;

, corrosion resistance

\u0026 nbsp; ABS \u0026 nbsp;

alloy, ultra -low phosphorus red phosphorus flame retardant nylon, high performance

\u0026 nbsp; pps
\u0026 nbsp; [123 ]

New products such as the market are welcomed by the market. These new products will quickly occupy the market and form new growth points to provide the company’s subsequent growth of the company.

In terms of technological innovation and application expansion, the company vigorously develops new technologies and expands new areas and emerging industries. During the reporting period, halogen -free resistance is blocked. New technologies such as burning enhancement, new alloy, corrosion resistance and low odor have made significant breakthroughs. These new technologies have stabilized the company’s position in the home appliance industry, while new energy, electric tools, toys, OA ] \u0026 nbsp; Equipment, home bathroom, wire and cable, lighting lighting, electronics and other industries will also win more customer groups for the company. Another company closely cooperates with customers, in \u0026 nbsp; 5g ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to UAV, VR/AR , robotics, mobile phone gimbal and other emerging application industries are actively promoted, low -agent electricity loss
\u0026 nbsp; PPS
, low -agent electricity loss

\u0026 nbsp; pp , high -performance carbon fiber enhancement materials have begun commercialization, leading market development, and for the company for the company Occupy a place in a high -end field to lay a foundation.

Complete biodegradable plastic increased year -on -year


, the European market is the most violent [123 123 [123 ] During the reporting period, the companyComplete biodegradable materials continue to improve production efficiency, deepen the development of modification and end application core technology development, Product sales volume \u0026 nbsp; 2.09 \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] 10,000 tons, a year -on -year increase \u0026 nbsp; 64.57%. \u0026 nbsp; sales increased year -on -year mainly from European customers (Italy, France, Britain, Germany, Spain, etc.) The demand has continued to grow.

At the same time, Asia (South Korea, India, and Sri Lanka) and South America (Chile and Panama) launched a ban on disposable plastic products (shopping bags, garbage bags and disposable tableware) The promulgation of the ban on the plastic order has also increased the sales of the company’s completely biodegradable plastic.

In response to the growing amount of garbage output in China, the company continued to conduct kitchen waste garbage compost tests, and independently developed \” UTVGORE \u0026 nbsp; Membrane covering the oxygen compost system \”provides new solutions for post -kitchen waste. In addition, the company developed products in medical supplies,


\u0026 nbsp; Printing and drug slow release can also be replaced and applied. Special engineering plastic sales decreased year -on -year, and some new materials are about to mass production During the reporting period, the company’s special engineering project Plastic continuous technology and product innovation, optimizing equipment technology and improving manufacturing level, production quality and cost have been effectively controlled, product sales sales 0.33 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 tons (Group total sales).

The main reason for the decline in sales year -on -year is:

Special engineering plastics mixed modification factories in

\u0026 nbsp; 5 \u0026 nbsp; Tort on the month \u0026 nbsp; 1 \u0026 nbsp;

month, from Guangzhou The base was relocated to the Zhuhai base. LED \u0026 nbsp;

The main customer operating rate of the industry decreased, and the demand for materials also decreased accordingly. at \u0026 nbsp; LED \u0026 nbsp;

Lighting and displaying the application field, the company conforms to the development trend of high brightness and high power direction, for \u0026 nbsp ; PA10T \u0026 nbsp; Kigo LED \u0026 nbsp; The bracket materials have been optimized and upgraded, The replacement of imported materials is in high -end \u0026 nbsp; LED \u0026 nbsp; A large number of applications are implemented on the reflex support.

In the field of consumer electronics, it was launched for reflux welding process

\u0026 nbsp; ddr4 [ddr4 123] \u0026 nbsp; The halogen -free flame -free enhancement pa10t \u0026 nbsp; Material, material, And the large customers in the connector got in batches, and also for the new generation \u0026 nbsp; ddr5 \u0026 nbsp; The connector application was launched. Solid foundation. In the field of automotive applications, high -strength, high rigidity, good appearance nylon alloy materials and high -gloss spray -free nylon alloy materials were successfully developed. Batch use, high performance of turbocharged exhaust gas actuator \u0026 nbsp; PA6T \u0026 nbsp;
The material is also mass production, the automotive pipeline system system, the automotive pipeline system Use
\u0026 nbsp;

Material application verification is smooth. The new application of the above new materials is expected to bring new breakthroughs to the company’s sales of special engineering plastics. For \u0026 nbsp; 5g \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] LCP \u0026 nbsp; Material is an indispensable material in the field of high -frequency communication. The company has developed \u0026 nbsp; ; Base low dielectric loss

\u0026 nbsp;

lds \u0026 nbsp; Materials and extremely low media loss \u0026 nbsp; lcp \u0026 nbsp; [123 [123 ] Materials, in the antenna zoom and terminal equipment manufacturers, have begun application evaluation, and progress is good. In addition, a series of different dielectric constants and low -agency loss have been successfully developed

\u0026 nbsp;

lcp \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] Materials, the application promotion on the high -frequency communication connector has also reached expectations. In order to meet the needs of market growth, the company’s new \u0026 nbsp; 3000 \u0026 nbsp; Tons / Year \u0026 nbsp; lcp \u0026 nbsp; The device has been completed. Because the new and old devices are on the same platform, the security supervision department requires that the old device needs to be discontinued when the new device is installed. In order to meet the needs of customer needs, the new device is delayed. It is planned to be delayed. 123] 2020 \u0026 nbsp; Year \u0026 nbsp; 8 \u0026 nbsp; Monthly put into production, monthly production, monthly production, monthly production At that time, the company \u0026 nbsp;


\u0026 nbsp; The capacity will reach \u0026 nbsp; 6000 [6000 [6000 [6000 123] \u0026 nbsp; ton.

In addition, Zhuhai Base \u0026 nbsp; 2 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 tons / Special engineering plastic mixed -modal workshop in the year in 6 \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] The month is officially put into production. The company’s special engineering plastic mixed -modal production and resin aggregation in one place reduces logistics costs and enhance the market competitiveness of products. Company in \u0026 nbsp; 2017 \u0026 nbsp; Year \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; The year of the month began Production \u0026 nbsp; 10000 \u0026 nbsp; ton \u0026 nbsp; PA10T/PA6T [123 123 ] \u0026 nbsp;

The project is steadily promoted. The plan is to be in

\u0026 nbsp; 2019 \u0026 nbsp; At that time, the polymerization capacity of semi -aromatic polyamide resin will reach \u0026 nbsp; 15000 \u0026 nbsp; tons // ] Year. At the same time, 1,000 tons \u0026 nbsp; ppsu/PES

\u0026 nbsp;

The device has also been broken, after delivery \u0026 nbsp; PPSU/PES \u0026 nbsp; will become a new member of the company’s special engineering plastic product family. Sales revenue of high -performance carbon fibers and composite materials decreased year -on -year 36.12% The reporting period Inside, the automobile market continues \u0026 nbsp; 2018 \u0026 nbsp; The fatigue of the second half of the year, the company’s high -performance fiber composite material Sales are greatly affected. 2019 \u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, sales revenue was \u0026 nbsp; 2,789.58 \u0026 nbsp; [123 [123 ] 10,000 yuan, a year -on -year decrease \u0026 nbsp; 36.12%. During the reporting period, the company passed the production of product production The optimization and improvement of crafts and production equipment has improved product quality, optimized the cost of products , and further improved product competitiveness. The company’s high -performance composite materials should beThe breadth of use has been further expanded, and the development of new projects has made significant progress. Passenger car thermoplastic composite materials have already expanded the styling certification and application of multiple new models, and achieved relatively stable product applications.

The application expansion of thermoplastic composite materials in cold chain transport vehicles has achieved rapid development, achieving stable supply to many customers in the industry. The application of continuous fiber enhanced fiber enhanced thermoplastic composite materials began to start. With the upgrading of the pipeline industry’s products, the market space in the future is huge. Industrial -grade drone carbon fiber composite materials are still the largest, most advanced, and most complete products in the market. Material. The company unswervingly cooperates closely with industry customers to strive to become the preferred supplier of carbon fiber composite materials in the industry. Light hydrocarbons and hydrogen energy operations

The company at

\u0026 nbsp; 5 \u0026 nbsp; At the end of the month, complete the equity acquisition of Ningbo Haiyue New Material Co., Ltd. ] 6

\u0026 nbsp;

Month \u0026 nbsp; 26 \u0026 nbsp; Yuexin Materials Co., Ltd. is renamed Ningbo Blonde New Materials Co., Ltd. Ningbo blond hair in \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; 1 ] \u0026 nbsp; The company will be included in the company’s consolidated financial statements. 2019 \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp; 6

\u0026 nbsp; [123 ]

In the month, Ningbo’s blond hair continuously strengthened refined management. Through a series of measures for energy conservation, consumption reduction, cost reduction and efficiency, the installation was continuously safe and stable, the overall production conditions were good, and the production load of the main device continued to stabilize and stable In

\u0026 nbsp; 100%

Full load status, which has a significant effect on reducing manufacturing costs.

6 \u0026 nbsp;

Monthly propylene sales \u0026 nbsp; 5.50

\u0026 nbsp; Isophactine sales

\u0026 nbsp; 3.58 \u0026 nbsp;

10,000 tons, cittosterone sales \u0026 nbsp; [ \u0026 nbsp; [[ 123] 0.37 10,000 tons, Ningbo’s blond hair realized net profit in the month 2,122.74 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 yuan ( Consolidated Statement). The sales of environmental protection and high -performance regeneration plastic increased year -on -year 9.69% 2019 \u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, with the long -term sluggish price of crude oil, plastic resin faces a large -scale sustainable price low. At the same time, due to the state’s continuous tightening and environmental inspection of waste plastic import policies In the severe situation, the price of waste plastic resources continued to be strong, which greatly compressed the profit space and market application needs of regenerative modified products. The company formulated a response strategy from the aspects of manufacturing, resource development, sales and technology, 2019 \u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, the sales volume of environmental protection and high -performance regeneration plastics \u0026 nbsp; 4.98

\u0026 nbsp;

10,000 tons, a year -on -year increase \u0026 nbsp; 9.69%. The company continues to deepen Development, further enriching the optical cable protective material, low -tobid halogen -free cable materials, environmental protection high resistance and regeneration \u0026 nbsp; ABS , environmental protection regeneration \u0026 nbsp; hips , environmental protection flame retardant regeneration \u0026 nbsp; hips 123] \u0026 nbsp; PE , regeneration modification pp \u0026 nbsp; Special materials for automobiles, environmentally friendly regeneration flame retardant polycarbonate and alloy products, and Gaogang weather polypropylene and other product series, forming a multi -level product structure. 2019 \u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, the company completed a number of large domestic large -scale in the field of wooden plastic. The iconic project, at the same time, the newly developed polyethylene wooden plastic floor is also successfully applied to the real estate field. The company develops polyethylene wooden plastic products on behalf of the overseas market and completes the basic clothing points of polyethylene wooden plastic products overseas markets. In terms of technological innovation, 2019 \u0026 nbsp;

The company continued to rely on industry -university -research cooperation year, [ 123] \u0026 nbsp; Around the standardization, stability, alloyization, compounding, functionalization of recycled plastic, develop high -quality and high -quality new products with high -quality and high value, and achieve it in cars The application of electronic appliances, new energy and building materials, apply more clean and high -quality recycled recycled materials to the needs of national strategic resources to achieve the company’s win -win situation in the environment and efficiency.

The international layout situation Net profit of Indian blond hair increased year -on -year 186.52%[123 ]


3 New production line is about to be put into production The comprehensive impact of the implementation of automobile emission standards, etc., has fluctuated in India’s local economy, and the decline in consumer consumption willingness to decline in scale, and the decline in some industries even exceeds double digits. In response to this unfavorable market situation, Indian blond hair survived with changes, implemented the company’s high -quality development requirements to customer development, and carried out industry deeply. achieved sales ] \u0026 nbsp; 3.22 \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp; 7.08 %. \u0026 nbsp; Realizing net profit 2,564.91 \u0026 nbsp; ] \u0026 nbsp; 186.52% , still guaranteeHolding a relatively good development trend. In order to adapt to the development of the market, Indian blonde continues to follow up the development of the automotive industry, achieves good results in the development of key customer projects. Indian public, Tata, psa \u0026 nbsp; and other key items recognized, and the commercial vehicle is also \u0026 nbsp; [ 123] Force Motor \u0026 nbsp;
Wide cooperation.

At the same time, in the non -automotive field, actively cooperate with the requirements of localized supply and production, \u0026 nbsp; lg


IKEA , havells \u0026 nbsp; 123] \u0026 nbsp; IFB \u0026 nbsp; The air conditioner has made positive progress.

During the reporting period, Indian blond hair was invested in the construction of Puna New Base \u0026 nbsp; 5,050.81

\u0026 nbsp; 123]

10,000 yuan. As of \u0026 nbsp; 6 \u0026 nbsp; At the end of the month, the first phase of the production workshop house has been built and installed [123 ] \u0026 nbsp;


\u0026 nbsp;

New production line, it is expected to be in

\u0026 nbsp; 8 \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] Month can be put into production. The first phase of the project is expected to be in \u0026 nbsp; 2019 \u0026 nbsp; The entire line was completed in the year, laying a production capacity foundation for future market development and sales increase. 美国金发销量同比增长17.36%2019\u0026nbsp;[ 123] In the first half of the year, with the continuous upgrading of Sino -US trade frictions, the operating environment became more complex and changeable. The American blonde continued to actively seek multiple ways and strive to open up the North American market.123]报告期内,美国金发实现销量

\u0026nbsp;0.33\u0026nbsp;[123 ] 10,000 tons, a year -on -year increase \u0026 nbsp; 17.86%. \u0026 nbsp; The number of customers realizing transactions increased to [123 123 ] 35 \u0026 nbsp;

, it is expected to reach

\u0026 nbsp; 40 \u0026 nbsp; . Local sales and local manufacturing are the company’s long -term strategy for overseas expansion. 2019 \u0026 nbsp; In the first half of the year, the production volume of local blonde factories increased steadily, an increase of nearly \u0026 nbsp; 123] 3 \u0026 nbsp; times, the product quality and qualification rate have increased significantly, and the gross profit margin sold by the company has also increased substantially year -on -year. The volume of gold sale in Europe is

\u0026 nbsp; 0.22 \u0026 nbsp; 10,000 tons, a decrease year -on -year decrease \u0026 nbsp; 37.14%. The company specially targeted at the European market \u0026 nbsp ; PA66 \u0026 nbsp; and other products are about to be commercialized. The company’s new products and technology provide leading material solutions for local electronics and electric tools. In the automotive field, projects in automotive electronics, functional parts, and internal and external decorations are steadily promoting.