NESTIC Granulator Machines is now upgraded and recycled by 400 tons of liquefied waste plastic, and large -scale chemical cycles are initially achieved results

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Neste announced that the recycling and upgrading of 400 tons of liquefied waste plastic has been achieved. After these consumption packaging and hybrid waste plastics are processed by chemical recycling, it can be used as a high -quality and cheap raw material for petrochemical oil refinery to produce new plastic materials. BC65C5373FA44353_800X800AR.JPG According to reports, Neste successfully dealt with 400 tons of liquefied waste plastic in Finland’s refinery this fall, equivalent to 20,000 waste plastics generated after consumption of ordinary European ordinary citizens each year. This is the first time Neste has handled liquefied waste plastic with industrial scale. This marks a new milestone in the strategic goal of promoting the circular economy and replacing the refinery crude oil. Before the project was running, Neste conducted a wide range of research and laboratory testing, and conducted a comprehensive analysis of production materials and processes to ensure the feasibility and safety of new recycling raw materials. This project is also supported by Ravago and other plastic value chain partners. Neste has developed chemical recycling technology with them to recover those waste plastic that is not suitable for mechanical recycling. These waste plastics are usually incinerated or landfilled. Neste said that developing chemical recycling waste plastic ecosystems will help reduce the stock of waste plastic in the environment, and also provide high -value ascension for waste plastics Sheet Board Extrusion Line , giving waste plastics to waste plastic The new life cycle realizes the cycle regeneration of plastics, and reducing the dependence of petrochemical crude oil on petrochemical crude oil. Neste’s goal is to deal with more than 1 million tons of waste plastics from 2030. Neste is headquartered in Finland. It is the world’s leading renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel producer. The company focuses on refining raw materials from waste and residues, and introduces renewable solutions into the polymer and chemical industry.