Negative ion aggregate Extruder spinning synthesizes PS high -end products

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

On February 27th, an exciting news came from the Lanzhou Petrochemical Research Institute: has a major breakthrough in the production of high -relative molecular quality polystyrene resins (PS), which has long been implemented by foreign companies and market monopoly. The negative ion aggregation technology has successfully synthesized this high -end polystyrene resin \u0026#65377; the development of this pilot technology has expanded the application field of general polystyrene \u0026 nbsp; to increase the market share of domestic products, and at the same time, it is also below The development of high -end polystyrene resins in one step laid the foundation \u0026#65377;

General Pocoming (GPPS) is the highest output among polystyrene products \u0026#65380; 65377; Due to the relatively small molecular mass and easy processing and molding, the general polystyrene is relatively small, but at the same time, the mechanical strength is relatively small, which limits its application. Basic conditions \u0026#65377; there are many ways to improve the performance of GPPS, of which improved the relative molecular quality of polystyrene is the most active direction in recent years. High -end products, with a vast market prospects \u0026#65377; Japan’s research and development in this area is in a leading position in the world. Japanese Ink Chemistry Company has a set of styrene continuous body aggregation technology 30,000 The production device of the year/year; Asaka Cheng Industrial Corporation adopted a new type of cause and continuous aggregation process to build a set of 23,000 tons/year production device \u0026#65377; High relative molecular quality, especially the scientific research and development of ultra -high relative molecular quality polystyrene, is still blank, which has caused domestic polystyrene to be at a disadvantage in the competition with foreign imports. The development of the petrochemical industry \u0026#65377; Researchers at Lanzhou Petrochemical Research Institute track the development trend of new products and new technologies in the world of polystyrene resin, which is unique and used to use the chain of the ucstituted aggregation to cause \u0026#65380; The characteristics of the alive chain -as -as -type polymerization characteristics of the chain growth and unadvantage, the use of negative ion aggregation technology successfully synthesizes the high -relative molecular mass polystyrene resin \u0026#65377; Since this resin retains the excellent optical properties unique to the unique polyzyrene, It also has a high mechanical strength, so it can be widely used in electronic and electrical \u0026#65380; daily necessities \u0026#65380; packaging industry and construction industries, and in large transparent and thin -walled products \u0026#65380; stretching and foam shelons The production of production also has broad application prospects \u0026#65377;