My nanotechnology PP SPUNBOND surgery research is accurate to single molecular structure

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

From the development of nanotechnology, a major problem encountered is to directly observe the geometric and electronic structures of single molecules and atomic clusters, and explain it in theory. The reporter recently learned from the National Natural Science Foundation of China that the research project \”Single Pelletizing Line the theory and experimental research of the electronic state\” that the committee continuously funded by the Commission \” The theoretical modeling and expression of the structure of the atomic cluster. \u0026 nbsp;

It is understood that in the past, the study of single molecular structures used scanning tunnel microcosmic techniques. Although there is a high resolution, its images only reflect the spatial distribution of molecular electronic state, and it cannot directly reflect it. geometry structure. At the same time, due to the limits of experimental conditions, it is still difficult to determine the structure, orientation, internal atomic structure and electronic state of the single molecule. \u0026 nbsp;

Professor Jianguo, China Science and Technology, and the funding of the National Natural Science Foundation, through accurate control of experimental conditions, analyzed the laws of single molecular structure images from a large amount The structure of the structure performs high -resolution representation. The results of this research ranks at the frontier level of the international. \u0026 nbsp;

At present, the results of the project have been approved for a invention patent and won the 2005 National Natural Science Award of the National Natural Science Award. Relevant experts said that the results achieved not only deepened people’s understanding of the physical and chemical essence of single molecules and atomic clusters, but also discovered some new effects and phenomena. The academic significance, at the same time, has great potential application value in terms of new materials and new devices.