Mitsui Chemical Realization

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Recently, Mitsui Chemical Co., Ltd. announced that its subsidiary Prime Polymer Co. (LTD.) has become the first commercial production biomass polypropylene in Japan. Mitsui Chemical is promoting a strategy of recycling to use chemical plastics and transforming it into biomass to achieve the circular economy. Mitsui chemistry conducted the world’s first biological polypropylene industrialization demonstration test. As early as 2019, Mitsui announced in a statement: \”Our goal is to realize the commercialization of biocontays. Unlike other major resin, biocontays have not been produced from biomass. We will be entirely in the whole. Establish a cycle mode in the manufacturing supply chain to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. \”202203042149157343.PNG Mitsui Mitshi Chemical polypropylene production equipment. Traditional plastics are produced from fossil resources stored in hundreds of millions of years underground, while bioplastics mainly come from plants. Because plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for growth, they provide a more effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which helps alleviate global warming. Biolytic extracted from plants is a product that is expected to contribute to a more sustainable society.