Mitsubishi Chemical BIOPBS \u0026#8482; Bio -degradable straws are adopted by Hua Melt Spinning Extruder

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Spinning Machine MCC’s BIOPBSTM biodegradable straw MCC BIOPBSTM biodegradable straw Mitsubishi Chemistry (MCC) has recently announced that Washington Hotel Corporation uses its BIOPBS \u0026#8482; Botanical biological polymer straw. Beginning in early May, the straws used by the hotel, including the straws provided by the hotel and restaurant, were replaced with BIOPBSTM biodegradable straws. Mitsubishi Chemistry has developed BIOPBS \u0026#8482; and applied for basic patent rights. BIOPBS \u0026#8482; It is a joint venture by PTT MCC BioChem Company Limited (Mitsubishi Chemistry and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited). This is an environmentally friendly polymer that can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil and finally transformed into water and carbon dioxide. Washington Hotel is committed to reducing the amount of waste. For example, using a wooden mixer to replace the plastic mixer and reduce unnecessary hotel room facilities. Today, the hotel is committed to further reducing petroleum -based plastic waste, abandoning the use of 120,000 oil -based plastic straws per year, and switching to BIOPBS \u0026#8482; biodegradable straws. Adhering to the vision of \”Realizing Kaiteki*\”, Mitsubishi Chemistry continues to accelerate the application of R \u0026 D and expanded biological reducing polymers, including BIOPBS \u0026#8482; Kaiteki said \”the sustainable and healthy development of people, society, and the earth.\” This is the concept proposed by Mitsubishi Chemistry, a feasible way for social and earth sustainable development, and providing a guidance for solving environmental and social issues.