Minnesota acquisitions ExtRuded Plastics Temperatue Controller State Custom Rubber Materials Enterprise Enhanced Product Solutions

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Recently, Minnesota Rubber Plastic Group (MRP) announced the acquisition of the British Primasil Silicones. It is reported that PRIMASIL is a company headquartered in Werbuli, Britain, specializing in the development, mixed and processing manufacturing of silicone rubber materials, and provides silicone rubber product solutions for medical, automobiles, HVAC and special industrial terminal markets. Minnesota. Jpg (from the Minnesota rubber and plastic) CEO Jay Ward, the Minnesota rubber and plastic group, said, \”We are glad to declare to everyone: Welcome to Primasil to join the Minnesota rubber and plastic family. PRIMASIL has 40 years of silicone material science experience. PRIMASIL Customized materials formulas, the experience of hybrid and mold development and design and design will enhance the materials science and product development capabilities of Minnesota rubber and plastic, and provide our customers with more widely diverse innovative solutions. \”\” We maintain for a long time with European customers Friendly partnerships, high -tech production bases in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic will help our local process capabilities reached a new high. This acquisition will not only enhance our material research and development and manufacturing capabilities, but it will also expand to our global scope. Market influence, especially in the medical device terminal market. We will further promote the plan to expand the European business territory. In the future, we will actively find partners and acquire local professional elastic companies. \”Jay Ward added. It is understood that Primasil provides customers with extensive custom materials, including platinum sulfide, conductive silicone, fluorine silicone, high and low temperature silicone, low toxic and low toxic silicone, and vinyl. Primasil’s core precision manufacturing capabilities mainly include dust -free indoor mold molding, extrusion molding, and assembly. At the same time, it also includes mixed materials, injection molding, self -viscous silicone and liquid silicon rubber (LSR) products. The addition of PRIMASIL will further enhance the capabilities of Minnesota’s existing product solutions, including component solutions for global medical devices, water, food and beverages, cars, infrastructure, and other key areas. Essence \”The PRIMASIL team is very excited about this opportunity. We look forward to cooperating with the new colleagues of the Minnesota rubber and plastic company to continue to provide us with more important choices for our important customers in Europe and the world.\” Steve Whener said. \”We are not only replenishing the existing product portfolio through the excellent products and core capabilities; we have also introduced an excellent team. We plan to allow all members of the new Primasil to join the MRP Group to enjoy the employee equity plan.\” Jay Ward means.