Ministry of Agriculture and Rural: This year, it has promoted the whole biological drop Twin Screw Compound Extruder to solve the ground film 5 million acres

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The agricultural ecology and resource protection station of the Agricultural and Rural Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Actively helps spring plowing for farming, and formulates and issued the \”Technical Guidance Opinions of the Mask Science Recycling Pilot Recycling Pilot Technology in 2022\” (hereinafter referred to as \”Opinions\”) The characteristics of production are focused on major grain crops such as corn and potatoes, vigorously promoted the scientific use technology of ground gymnasis, and effectively provided the whole process of technical services to enhance the awareness of green production of farmers. Starting the implementation of the pilot of the scientific recycling of the ground film. In the key film area, this year will promote the thick -intensity film of the high -intensity membrane to the local area and 5 million acres of the whole biodegraded land film. The system solves the problem of difficulty in traditional ground film recycling and high replacement costs. src\u003dhttp___crawl.nosdn.127.net_b793cf76eae34d13c641beb9cfcec30c.jpg\u0026refer\u003dhttp___crawl.nosdn.127.png《意见》要求,全生物降解地膜产品厚度、力学性能等指标应符合《全生物降解农用地面覆盖薄膜》(GB/T 35795-2017) Requirements that the main components are biomass materials such as the fatty polyester, the alipan-aromatic polyester, and other biomass materials with completely degradable characteristics. , Cellulose, etc., as well as other environmental harmful fillers and functional additives. The product water vapor is below 400g/(square meter \u0026#8226; 24h), and the effective service life is more than 60 days. The specific indicators are determined by various places based on crop type and production conditions. The scientific recycling of the agricultural ecology and resource protection station of the Agricultural and Rural Ministry is important measures to ensure the safety of grain safety and important agricultural products, effectively solve the problem of \”white pollution\” of farmland, and promote the green development of agricultural green. Since 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, together with relevant departments, organize the pilot work of the use of ground film science, focusing on promoting thickened high -intensity ground membranes and all biodegradable ground membranes to improve the level of ground film recycling and utilization. In order to promote the pilot work science and orderly, the special technical guidance is as follows. 1. Basic principles (1) Adhere to production and ecological coordination. Scientific use of ground membrane coverage technology, give full play to the function of increasing warming, ensure the stable production of agricultural agricultural, strengthen the replacement and reduction of ground film recycling and reduction, and effectively protect and improve the quality of agricultural ecological environment. (2) Persist in equal emphasis on quality and efficiency. Strengthen the quality of the quality of ground film products, strictly implement the performance indicators and environmental safety requirements of ground film product, strengthen the recycling guidance of ground film use, improve the quality of crop production, and improve the value of waste gymnasis regeneration. (3) Adhere to the parallel research and promotion. Continue to strengthen the use of key technologies, product equipment research, improve technical regulations, summarize typical models, and promote the pilot work steadily and orderly. two,Product indicators (1) Thickening and high -intensity film product thickness and mechanical performance indicators should not be lower than the \”polyethylene -blowing agricultural ground coverage thin film\” (GB 13735-2017). The thickness is not less than 0.015mm, the effective coverage time is not less than 180 days, and the maximum stretching load and fracture labels are not less than 50%of the initial value after use. Can be effectively recycled after use. The regeneration materials shall not be added to the product raw material, and the state clearly prohibits the use of the use of crop growth and harmful soil. The total ash is controlled within 0.5%. (2) Indicators such as the thickness and mechanical properties of the whole biodegradable film film should meet the requirements of the \”Full Biodegraded Agricultural Ground Cover\” (GB/T 35795-2017). -The biomass materials such as aromatherapy common polyester shall not contain ethylene, polyacryne and other hydrin ingredients, can add appropriate proportions of starch, cellulose, etc., as well as other environmental harmful fillers and functional additives. The product water vapor is below 400g/(square meter \u0026#8226; 24h), and the effective service life is more than 60 days. The specific indicators are determined by various places based on crop type and production conditions. 3. Technical points (1) source reduction of the source consider the regional water and heat resource conditions and crop growth and development needs, take into account the input and production benefits of the ground film, and propose the appropriate evaluation indicators of the ground membrane covered by local conditions. Division. On the basis of full investigation and research, through the method of breeding and planting system optimization, etc., it is scientifically promoted to scientifically promotes film -free shallow drip irrigation, water preservation agent, and alternative of straw coverage to reduce the amount of membrane; Use technologies such as use and decreased ground coverage to reduce the intensity and input of ground membrane. (2) Field coverage 1. Thicked high -intensity film coverage. According to the characteristics of regional climate and production actuality, the method and time of the ground film coverage and time are selected to grasp the key links such as fertilization, ridge and covering, and timely sowing. According to product performance indicators, timely improvement equipment and agronomy measures such as sowing, membrane coverage. 2. All -biodegradable film film coverage. It is advisable to choose a land with convenient discharge, sufficient water sources, and loose soil structure. According to sowing, it is appropriately cultivated in the land to remove the residual and stones in the soil to ensure the flatness of the soil surface and avoid premature damage during the laying of the ground. When the soil water content is appropriate, it is generally more than once, and the organic fertilizer can be applied to the soil with the rotary farming operation to avoid directly contacting organic fertilizer. When laying, the membrane is tightly tension and the soil bed is close to the soil. When using a drip irrigation system, you must avoid long -term contact with drip irrigation bands when laying the ground film. In the arid areas, the frequency and irrigation amount can be appropriately increased, the sameIt should be avoided for a long time on the membrane to prevent premature degradation of the membrane. (3) Picking up in the field 1. Pick up manually. After the function coverage of the polyethylene venoma is completed, the membrane surface can be picked up and recycled before the membrane surface is obviously damaged. After the crops are harvested or before sowing, the tools such as hoe can be used along the side of the membrane to fully expose the ground membrane pressed in the soil, and artificially pulling the membrane from the field of the field along the field of the field. 2. Pick up machinery. After the crops are harvested, for the land flat and coated planting areas, the proper width residual membrane recycling single operating machine or the crushing of straw and the combined operating machine of the residual membrane is adopted. In addition, the field area is small, and a small single -type residual film recycling operating machine or a duplex joint operating machinery is used. Before sowing next season, recycling machinery such as bomb -toothed and racing type can be used to recycle the internal residual film recycling operation. After the mechanical pickup, it can be picked up artificially the areas where the film and the fields in the farmland are unable to pick up. The quality of the mechanical pickup operation shall meet the requirements of the \”Ny/T 1227-2019) of the\” Reriven Melter Recycling Machine Operation \”(NY/T 1227-2019), which effectively reduces the recovery of the residual membrane. (4) Recycling 1. Unified recycling. Establish a dedicated abandonment gymnastic recycling site for unified recycling. After picking up the abolition of the field field, it is necessary to perform clearing and transmit the recycling site in time. Do not discard, bury or incinerate at will. All localities should explore and summarize the effective recycling model according to local conditions, strengthen the implementation of subsidy policies, and establish a sound long -term recycling mechanism. The site selection, layout, scale of the recycling station should be coordinated with the economic development status, transportation convenience, and the use of ground membranes in the jurisdiction, which is convenient for settlement and transportation, and in line with the principles of efficient and environmental protection. Encourage the combination of the ground film recycling system with the supply and marketing cooperation system, garbage treatment, and renewable resource system. Recycling sites must have necessary enclosure facilities. After classification and packaging of waste galclattes, it will be handled in time to deal with the nearest recycling processing enterprise. 2. Resource use. According to the actual situation of various places, waste ground film recycling and processing enterprises can adopt various methods such as regenerative granules, fuel extraction, fuel power generation, and wood plastic for resource utilization. Regenerative granules are currently generally adopted. Through classification and screening, membrane separation, crushing, cleaning, dehydration, melting plasticization, cutting granules, etc. And equipment, realize the recycling of waste gymptis processing. For waste ground membranes with high impurities, difficult sorting, and re -use value, you can use special equipment combustion to expand the diversified treatment path of the waste ground.