Metal powder pp spunbond nonwoven injection forming

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The four pillars of metal materials, ceramic materials, polymer materials and composite materials. Traditionally, metal materials have been melted, cast, and processed at high temperatures to form various products. However, the traditional forming method of metal materials has a large energy consumption, resulting in great environmental pollution, and the material utilization rate is not high. To this end, in the field of metal materials, the forming method of modern ceramic materials has formed related disciplines -powder metallurgy. \u0026 nbsp;
Compared with the traditional forming method, powder metallurgy technology has the characteristics of accurate forming, component can be arbitrarily designed, uniform material organization, saving original materials, less energy consumption, and light environmental pollution. However, due to the strong force and poor liquidity between powder, there are severe shortcomings such as low density, large forming pressure, small size of the blank parts, and unable to form complex shape products. In order to make various types of products that are easily manufactured, material science workers have been looking for a technology that can make metal powder similar to polymer materials. \u0026 nbsp;

Powder injection forming technology is such a great revolutionary technology. However, in view of the extreme complexity of the structure of powder and polymer mixture and injection forming, the lack of theoretical research has become the main constraints of this technology development. \u0026 nbsp;

After nearly 10 years of hard work, the School of Materials of Central South University with Academician Huang Boyun as the academic leader, Professor Liang Shuquan, Professor Li Yimin, Fan Jinglian, Professor Li Songlin, etc. The theoretical and technical fields have made breakthrough progress. \u0026 nbsp;

In order to unify many experience or semi -experience flow change model, Professor Liang Shuquan and Academician Huang Boyun co -authored \”Powder injection forming flow change learning\” proposed the latter net formation powder. Streaming theory. It is found that the theory is found to the metal powder injection forming system, and the results of the prediction and the experimental results are very consistent. \u0026 nbsp;

By analyzing the functions of each group of the adhesives in the system and comprehensively, the research team proposed the system theory of the relationship between the pink near net forming flow change and polymer and the auxiliary structure. Starting from the gravitational gravity of the adhesive molecule, the theory of thermodynamics, flow change and molecular structural theory of the binder in plasticized bonding in plasticizers has initially established a framework. The new concept of the \”molecular pulley\” effect of the \”molecular pulley\” and the lubricant enhanced the \”molecular pulley\” effect of the \”molecular pulley\” effect, and provided relevant experimental evidence. \u0026 nbsp;

The research group proposed the first disciplinary thermodynamic judgment of powder in polymer bonding. By introducing the particle matrix model, the feeding structure is described, and the interaction between the particles is calculated. According to the calculation results, the best particle size and powder loading capacity of the relevant system has obtained the relevant system. Establish a formula for predicting the density of powder injection for forming feeding. Discuss the relationship between surface energy, wet angle, raw strength, viscosity, heat capacity, melting point, etc. Clarify the relevant powderThe laws of the two phases of the binder are interacted. When the wet angle is found to be greater than a certain critical value, serious two -phase separation problems will occur, affecting the quality of injection forming and extruding forming products, and in severe cases, the process will fail. \u0026 nbsp;

The research group proposed the system theory of optimizing the process of application of the application of the application of the application of the application of the application of the application. For the first time, the pink plasticized body formed by the formation of powder, W/FE/Ni -based powder plus polymer binders in the domestic system was systematically systematic. Obtaining a multi -number mathematical model of contact process parameters, streaming characteristic parameters, and mold parameters. And apply the model to optimizing the process of pink injection and forming process of the system. A optimization solution and direction are proposed to related injection forming processes and mold design. Analysis of equivalent, Newtonian fluids and non -Newtonian fluid flow analysis by computers. The dynamic changes in the temperature field, pressure field, and speed field in the mold cavity cavity cavity cavity cavity cavity. It has revealed some new rules. If the metal powder is found to be very sensitive to the heat transfer of the environment, it is very sensitive to environmental thermal exchange. To this end, new requirements have been put on the design of complex products. By studying the solidification problems during the injection process, the internal shrinkage and cracks of the blank parts were predicted. It also proposes a high pressure and low injection temperature to reduce the internal shrinkage of the blank. High mold temperature can avoid new measures such as stress cracking and other new measures to ensure the quality of injection. \u0026 nbsp;

The research group published nearly 100 related papers in the collection of important domestic and foreign academic conferences, many of which were retrieved and cited by well -known international search publications such as SCI, EI, and ISTP. The \”Powder Injection Forming Streaming Differential\” co -authored by Academician Huang Boyun and Professor Liang Shuquan has a great impact in the academic community at home and abroad. Its relevant achievements have won one second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 first prize of ministerial science and technology progress award, and a number of second prizes. \”Powder injection for forming streaming\” won the Fifth National Book Award Nomination Award and the Tenth National Outstanding Science and Technology Book Award. Professor Liang Quan also made five special reports at the International Academic Conference. Based on the above theoretical research results, the research team has developed 8 new products and established a trial production line in an industrial demonstration of 50 million yuan in output value. These achievements have given my country’s powder metallurgical technology a place at the forefront of the world, producing very significant economic benefits, and its products are of great significance to strengthening the modernization of national defense. Realize the leap from theoretical to process to high -tech industrialization. \u0026 nbsp;

Employed experts from relevant fields by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Experts believe that the pink injection forming of the material discipline of Central South University has formed a systematic theory. Having Profile Extrusion Line High academic level and academic value, filling the gaps in this field and reaching the international leading level. \” \”The development of discipline theory and craftsmanship will occur.A lot of role, there is an important contribution in the development of the basic theory of powder injection and forming. \”\u0026 Nbsp;

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