Melt Blown Non Woven Machine 20120 will the car plastic use of the car will occupy a percentage of the whole car?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

However, the use of plastic does not mean to reduce the safety performance of the vehicle. According to reports, most mainstream models are still used in the energy absorption partMetal components, plastic absorbers need a lot of tests to collect data to confirm the feasibility.
Experts predict that by 2020, the average amount of plastic dosage of the car will like , Account for about 1/3 of the vehicle materials. It is understood that developed countries use the amount of plastic for automobiles as an important symbol to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing. Each car plastic dosage has been from 90 in the last century Spinning Machine
There are more and more plastic parts on cars today. Experts predict that by 2020, the average plastic amount of automobiles may reach more than 500kg/vehicle, accounting for about 1/3 of the vehicle materials. Today’s cars have already covered a large number of plastic parts, such as: bumper, wheel cover, license plate board, instrument panel, door panel, knob, and even engine cover and intake system. Essence
With the continuous innovation of materials and the concept of lightweight automobiles, it has also intensified in the current trend of energy conservation and emission reduction; in addition to being able to effectively carry out lightweight carbon fiber, cheaper plastic also begins to slowly replace the past in the past. Metal parts are slowly popular on most home cars.
\”The proportion of general plastics is 0.9 to 1.6, and the proportion of glass fiber enhanced composite materials will not exceed 2.0, while A3 steel is 7.6, brass is 8.4, and aluminum is 2.7. Lightweight preferred materials. The use of plastic can reduce the weight of about 40%of the components, and its cost can also be greatly reduced. \”Gao Song, an engineer of the Materials Engineering Institute of BAIC Futian Engineering Research Institute.
The 100 to 130kg of generations rose to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006. The current dosage is 230kg. At present, Germany’s car is the most, accounting for more than 15%of the vehicle materials.