Medical Plastics of Panel Extrusion Point in 2015

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Plastic lens surgery
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123] \u0026 nbsp;

The creative plastic transplantation surgery For the first time, it was applied to ophthalmology treatment and brought the gospel to patients who were tortured by vision recession. The Clemont Clinic, London, UK is one of the first clinics to provide patients with this treatment.

\u0026 nbsp;

This plastic crystal can not only treat the vision or myopia, but also restore the vision of cataract and astigmatism. In the past, correction lenses can cause dazzling and flickering problems, and it cannot be focused as smoothly as natural as the naked eye. \u0026 nbsp;

The test results of the plastic crystal body show that

81% can see long -distance things after surgery, [ 123]

98% The patient said that they looked at the long -distance things no longer needed glasses, 96% said that he could see the mid -distance thing, and 73% [ 123] Patients can see things close. \u0026 nbsp; Ultra -micro -injection gear

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Sumitomo ( [


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[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [] 123]SHI\u0026nbsp;Demag[ 123] The company exhibited a ] Gear micro -injection equipment, this gear is ( (123 ] ECC ) The unique new cataract surgery device developed by the company. \u0026 nbsp;

Sumitomo Demag’s use


SL The screw component realizes extremely high molding accuracy. In ECC I-core capsulorrhexis ] Drive the operating knife rotating in the instrument. This I-core The device is used to perform transistor cutting. The crystal bag supports the crystal that focuses on the light on the retina. \u0026 nbsp; i-Core

The installation is specifically designed for small institutions, third world countries, and other remote areas. It is a fast, economical and convenient solution. This one -time disinfection device structure is compact, and a uniform ring -shaped incision can be cut on the crystal bag in a few seconds. The device is loaded in a microcarmament, which is more convenient to operate from the surgeon compared with many other old technologies. \u0026 nbsp;

Enhanced resin pills

\u0026 nbsp; ] The United States developed a technology for non -prescription drugs and health products plastic bottles, which can improve the antioxidant and antioxidant of the drug bottle [ [ [

[ 123] 30%

. The standard medicine bottle made of this enhanced resin can extend the storage period of the drug, and due to thin walls, this medicine bottle is lighter than traditional packaging 15%[123

] .

\u0026 nbsp; This technology added to the material Hyperform HPN-20E Supernuction Channel, inhibit the entry of moisture and oxygen, has improved hdpe

The blocking performance of the resin. The penetration molecules must enter the bottle around the linear crystal of the maze around the wall of the bottle, which greatly delays the permeability of the bottle body. \u0026 nbsp;

PET血液试管[123 ]

\u0026 nbsp;

The material test of the material has been successful Production, its weight is insufficient 4G , it is a real light product that can meet the highly smooth, transparent, transparent, transparent, transparent, transparent, transparent, transparent, transparent, and High -precision requirements, light quality, not easy to destroy, better than glass test tubes.

\u0026 nbsp; This test tube is produced by

Mold and thermal flow tract technology company produced. When producing, select the best injection point during production, choose the best injection point And balanced melt flow is especially important. Only the thermal and accurate and balanced thermal streams can achieve a stable production process under such a small thick wall. Considering the requirements of high -quality water outlets, the research team specifically developed needle -type catheters and locks the needle valve through pre -correction. In the core of the core and along the mold cavity, the mold cooling system of the outline is ensured that the test of the test not only has the necessary size accuracy, but also has a low crystallinity and is absolutely transparent. The surface of the mold can be polished through the mirror surface to obtain a smooth product surface. When plastic injection is formed, the water mouth will be generated. If there is a bulge or edge in the test blood vessels, the protective gloves wearing in the laboratory may be damaged. For this reason, MHT has shrunk the water mouth to the bottom of the test tube.

\u0026 nbsp;

COC Filling polypropylene resin blank [ 123] \u0026 nbsp;

Rollprint Company and Topas

Advanced polymer material company cooperation, using Topas \u0026 Reg; Circinnenenestomers as Barex \u0026 Reg;

Alternatives to meet harsh medical standards, such as low adsorption and permeability, providing great convenience for medical care and consumer goods. \u0026 nbsp;

The company’s R \u0026 D can be applied to squeezing coating and multi -layer co -squeezing applications, which requires high chemical resistance COC . For example, rollprint In the transparent obstruction membrane applied to the soft packaging clearfoil \u0026 reg; Add COC as a moisture -proof layer.

Clearfoil \u0026 reg; Polyester with aluminum or silicon coating to achieve the limit of obstruction of oxygen and moisture.

rollprint also developed packaging of transparent patch, which is used in multi -layer structures ] COC to achieve high chemistry. Although COC is not the only replacement of polypropylene resin, but COC Provides effective chemical resistance and low adsorption rate. When used with medical chemical components such as nicotine patchs, it shows low reactivity. \u0026 nbsp; Replace ] Pvc Material \u0026 nbsp; American compound producer Tino ( Teknorapex

[ [ 123]) launched a hard pvc

] pc Materials, such as the connector, stop valve, y Connects, sleeves, Ruher interface accessories, filters, drips and lids, and sample containers. \u0026 nbsp;

The strength and transparency of this new material can be comparable to


Pc In the softness of the catheter pvc parts of the parts, often in contact There will be stress cracks, and this new material can be reduced or eliminated PIPE EXTRUSION LINE Except this phenomenon.在特意设置的诱导应力开裂的环境下,将ApexSCR硬质[123 ] Pvc and soft


for a long time, from a week to two weeks and two weeks Stress cracks will occur in half or even longer. In the same environment, if the test sample is replaced with traditional hard pvc

or widely used in medical devices

] pc The material will occur in a few hours. sameAt that time, this new material has pc The reason why they can be widely used in these fields: toughness, hardness, hardness, hardness, hardnessAnd transparency.