McGona’s \”Double Happiness\”: Invest in SPC Extrusion SCREW car seat new factory, new car electronics manufacturing factory opens

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

In addition Grand Blanc Township held its opening celebration of its new electronic manufacturing plant. 6000
2 [123 ]
\u0026 nbsp; 除了投资汽车座椅新工厂,麦格纳还在美国密歇根州格兰布兰克镇(Grand Blanc Township)举行其新电子制造工厂的开业庆典。
123] Although the global automotive market has been weak since this year, many car companies and automotive parts companies have successively launched layoffs to reduce production costs. But the world -renowned automotive parts supplier, McGona Group, recently invested in the United States and held a new plant start -up ceremony, bringing some encouragement to the automotive industry.
New Factory Factory

] It is reported that McGona has invested in a new factory that produces car seat structures in Lancaster (

) recently. This new factory covers an area of \u200b\u200b 14 10,000 square meters, the first period of investment is

6000 [ 123] 10,000 US dollars , will be produced in the first quarter of the first quarter of the year 2020

. By

2021 , the factory is expected to be employees 300 . The factory provides a lot of room for McGona’s further development. This is the decision to invest in the factory after McGona successfully obtained a global auto manufacturer’s order. The Landster New Factory will become the fifth production factory in McGona in Ohio, and will also be the first production base for car seat structure. Magna currently owns 2700 in Ohio. Total investment is about 5000

New electronic manufacturing plant of 10,000 US dollars

] In addition to investing in a new factory in automobile seats, Magna is also in Grand Blank Town, Michigan, USA ( Grand Blanc Township

) The opening ceremony of its new electronic manufacturing plant. The factory integrates the three nearby production bases into one of the most advanced facilities, 21 The advanced manufacturing industry and people -oriented century Combination of workplace design and functions.

It is reported that

This new factory covers an area of \u200b\u200b 23 10,000 square feet (about


hectare), total investment is about 5000
$ 10,000.
The new factory will help Magna to accelerate the advanced driving system ( adas ), advanced robots and miniature LED Lighting and other future Large -scale deployment of technology. Magna Electronics Holy ( Magna Electronics Holly ) Provide many auto manufacturers in the world, will ADAS The parts are transported to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, etc. 330 Many different markets.

steadily increasing the output of vehicle camera 2005 Beginning the production of cars in the year Use a camera. With regulatory requirements and consumer demand, the market demand of drivers auxiliary systems has continued to increase, and Magna is also steadily increasing the output of its car camera. At present, Magna Electronics Holy has produced 4600 There are more [12] [12] [12] [12] [12] [12] [12] [12] [12]3] ADAS

Component, this number will continue to grow in the future.

McGona now combines the camera with other sensors such as radar and lidar to develop an advanced driver auxiliary system to lay the foundation for autonomous driving.

With the help system of Magna’s driver, the driver can activate the adaptive cruise control system to maintain a safe vehicle distance and speed. Drive in the middle and check the blind spots to monitor adjacent driving lanes. \”We improved daily commuting and increased security functions.\” \u0026 nbsp; McGona [123 ] CTO Swami

\u0026 nbsp;


Swamy Kotagiri

) Said, \”Thanks to the safety of the car and the driving assistance system, the development momentum of autonomous driving is strong, and they can also avoid the occurrence of car accidents to a certain extent.\”

R \u0026 D robot, improve artificial intelligence In addition to the manufacturing adas , the new factory is also the development test of McGona advanced robotics. Laboratory location. With the continuous progress of artificial intelligence technology, the company is introducing more concepts of intelligent factories into its operations. This new laboratory will test the adaptability, flexibility and human -machine cooperation of robots. Promoting micro LED
The new factory opened this time is also the same The headquarters of Magnarosonny Automobile Corporation ( Magna Rohinni Automotive

). McGanentoni Motor Company is a joint venture established in 2018 . ] LED Lighting solution is pushed to the market.