Matsuhara expands the internal production capacity of water in South Korea to reach 1, Latest Nonwoven Fabric Machine 000 metric ton

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] . This product is suitable for amine and metal catalytic coatings, substrates containing such catalysts, as well asCoating above the face paint. As part of the expansion strategy, Matsuhara used its experience to further develop its own technology, and focused on special chemicals such as coatings, inks, adhesives and other applications.In addition, the later raw materials also help to ensure that Matsuhara’s finished product is easy to produce and maintains consistent high quality.
Matsuhara expands the internal production inside in Suwa, South Korea (Picture Source: Matsuhara Industrial Co., Ltd.). 松原涂料市场中心负责人\u0026nbsp;Rosanna\u0026nbsp;Telesca\u0026nbsp;表示:“这条生产线与我们最近在梅岩设立的技术创新中心一起,展示了松原的坚定承诺,即:为涂料Customers develop a new generation of light and thermal stability solutions. \”\u0026 Nbsp;
] A new production line in Matsuhara Factory, South Korea has been put into production, for production and distillation \u0026 nbsorb \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; cs \u0026 nbsp; 400 \u0026 nbsp; ultraviolet stabilizers. The total production capacity of this production line is about \u0026 nbsp; 1,000 \u0026 nbsp; metric ton. It can be later used to produce \u0026 nbsorb \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; cs \u0026 nbsp; 400 \u0026 nbsp; products: In addition to the \u0026 nbsorb \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; cs \u0026 nbsp; 400 \u0026 nbsp;, The factory also produced other various coating additives, as well as ultraviolet absorbers and blocked amine light stabilizers.
松原在韩国水原扩大内部生产 (图片来源: 松原产业株式会社)。
from intermediate products to finished products.
songsorb \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; cs \u0026 nbsp; 400 \u0026 nbsp; It is a liquid hydroxybenziline (HPT) ultraviolet absorbent,
ensure ensure that Water -based coatings, solvent -shaped coatings, and high performance and durability of \u0026 nbsp; 100%\u0026 nbsp; solid cars and industrial coatings.
It has extremely high thermal stability, and has excellent tolerance under extreme external conditions such as high temperature baking