Mansion coal supplemental gas technology also has Sudden PVC Profile Extrusion line broken

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Following the successful trial of the airflow bed and coal of the first set of independent intellectual property rights in my country, successfully completed the research and development of the new technology research and development of powder and coal compression gasification to prepare for the synthetic gas, and East China University of Technology and Yankuang Lunan Fertilizer ( The gasification of water and coal slurry and the National Engineering Research Center of the Coal Chemical Industry) continued to cooperate to adjust and transform the original Chinese -trial device, and conducted a research on the coal pressurization of charm and coal with CO2 as the transportation medium. Essence
It is understood that after the device was put into operation, the test gas was up to 3.0MPa, and the gasification temperature was about 1350 ° C. The nitrogen content in the synthetic gas decreased from about 5 % when the nitrogen was transported to less than 1 %. It is 90 % to 95 % and obtains important operating data.
According to reports, so far, it has not been reported internationally internationally internationally internationally internationally internationally internationally, the powder coal supplemental compression data of CO2 is used. In the field of application, the production of methanol, di methalultha, acetic acid PIPE EXTRUSION LINE , olefin, etc., F -T synthesis and important petrochemical alternative products are of great significance. (Zhang Chuanxiao)
(Source: China Chemical News)