Line Plastic Pellet Making Machine Magilical Film Mask is included in the National \”863 Plan\” promotion project

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

With the booming of the plastic industry, plastic film has become an indispensable material for agricultural production. The plastic film creates a suitable environment for light transmission, insulation, and moisturizing for crops. In a relatively independent space, farmers can carry out more effective farming, fertilization and other management. Crops are fast and good, and the output has greatly increased. Essence Especially the production of vegetables in the reverse season must be performed in a plastic film, reflecting the attractive charm of plastic film.
However, after a period of use of the plastic film, it will be broken into the soil after the use of the soil, which will become a \”septum\” to divide the soil, which not only affects the permeability of the soil’s ventilation and damage the soil. ] The growth and development of crop rooting and root systems caused a significant reduction in crops. This plastic film is difficult to degrade. After decades and hundreds of years, it still maintains its physical and chemical traits, becoming a major public harm of agricultural production. The plastic film has changed from the leader of the \”white revolution\” to the culprit of \”white pollution\”. How to maintain the characteristics of plastic film and easy to degrade and benefit the environment? Chinese scientists take into account the needs of these two aspects, and have studied and invented an agricultural film -liquid ground film. This kind of black degradable liquid film has the advantages of light transmission, insulation, moisturizing, and seedlings of plastic film. After light and microorganisms, it can be degraded into humic acid organic fertilizers in just 40-60 days. The soil fertility is improved and the structure of the soil is improved. The process of producing liquid -to -ground membranes is very simple, which meets the basic requirements of green chemistry. The production of \”residue oil\” is used as raw materials. The cost is 32%lower than the plastic film. It is very convenient to use liquid ground film. After many years of test
, it can increase the production of potatoes, wheat, melon and other crops by 10%-50%. At present, the invention has obtained a national patent and has been included in the national \”863\” plan project.
The liquid film has a strong adhesion ability, which is especially suitable for drought, semi -drought, and desert prevention. After spraying the finished product of the liquid film, it can be combined with the sand and soil in 10 minutes to form a thin layer of protective film on the surface of the soil, which has the magical effect of rapid solids and dust and preventing wind and sand. The use of liquid ground membranes should also be combined with a short binding, windproof sand in front of the eyes, and planting grass -planting trees in the middle and long term, which can fundamentally change the climate and environmental conditions in the drought and sand areas.
The liquid ground film is not toxic and harmless to people and livestock, and its degradation products will not pollute the soil, groundwater, and atmosphere, which may become a substitute for plastic film. It can be used in channel anti -seepage, rainy season infrastructure, and temporary soil and water conservation of steep slopes. The market sales prospects are optimistic.