Lianlang develops a full -automatic panel Extruder Machine Parts machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

LS fully automatic rolling machine component display.
The latest automatic rolling machine developed by Lianjiao Machine Company, the line speed reached
And can solve a series of problems generated by traditional scroll machines, realize the automatic packaging, automatic tube cutting, automatic pipes, automatic pipes, and automatic packaging of equipment, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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b two can automatically replace the roll -up plate. The length of the tube required for the tube required by the long -term encoder on the pipeline of the scroll machine is used to measure the automatic roll length of the tube required. When the length of the roll is reached, the motor driver is automatically flipped in the clockwise direction of the rolling arm. When the flip angle reaches


, the flip stops. At this time Switching of positions and preparations. \u0026 nbsp; pp The automatic packaging mechanism is located in the automatic packaging agency is located in the The left side of the roller. When the scroll plate is complete to the packing position, the packaging opportunity is to drive the wheel to carry out the wheels by serving the motor pp . Cut the belt and band movement,


The control system is based on the preset procedures, complete 360

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pp Binding action. On the left side of the revenue, the line system is the automatic measuring mechanism, a fixed -length automatic cutting of the pipeline agency, the automatic pipeline agency and the automatic discharge mechanism with a pipeline length. \u0026 nbsp; The fast and accuracy of the lines is the entire automatic rolling machine The core part of the design. Lianhe Machine Company fully automatic rolling machine is to concentrate control of all servo systems by running controllers. The collection and line lines are driven by the servo motor to form the main clump synchronization. Among them, the roll -up servo is the main axis, and the line servo is the bus. The diameter to the moment \” turning point angle and displacement , can also ensure that when the scroll axis rotates quickly, [ 123] \”

Pelletizing line Do not lose your step

. The main axis is the angle of the rolling plate. \u0026 nbsp; In addition to the rapid reliability of the lines, there are also servo rotation conductors in the roll -up plate, pneumatic rotation mechanism, automatic packaging score mechanism, and The automatic adjustment of the tension tension, the storage device of the temporary waste pipes when the roll is changed, the real -time length of the automatic measurement mechanism on the revenue of the roll machine, and the accurate receipt length of each volume. Also calculate the beginning of the flip of each volume based on the line speed. Only with each design link can achieve practicality and reliability can we achieve the effect of online high -speed scrolls, packaging fully automatically, saving manpower and ensuring good pipe quality.