LG Display responded to Japanese export sanctions. In August, it will be mass -produced at the Chinese factory SUPPLY BOARD EXTRUSION LINE8.5 generation OLED panel

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

LG Display’s factory in Guangzhou, China. (Picture from Korea Business) LG Display’s factory in Guangzhou, China. (Picture from Korea Business) According to the Korean media KOREA Business, the trade retaliation measures released by Japan made the Korean display industry alert. LG Display, a liquid crystal panel manufacturer, said that the difficulty of Japanese trade sanctions is overcome by starting the mass production of the 8.5 -generation OLED panel in Guangzhou, China. At present, LG Display is located in a South Korean factory and has been interrupted due to the safety of Japanese materials and parts exports. The company said that its Guangzhou factories will not be affected by Japan’s export restrictions. If the output is stable in early August, the supply of OLED TV panels may surge. On July 7, a person in charge of LG Display said: \”Because the Chinese factory purchases the display of the display locally, it is not subject to the restrictions of the Japanese export regulations. We are promoting the trial operation of the Guangzhou plant. Production. We have the experience of producing the eighth -generation products in the Korean factory. We believe that there will be no problems in the operation of the Guangzhou plant. \”With the production line of Guangzhou OLED production line, the annual output of LG Display’s large OLED display will also be from 290 last year’s 290 last year’s 290 last year. Thousands of units soared to 3.8 million this year. \”The operation of the Guangzhou plant will increase the production of glass substrates from 70,000 units to 130,000 to 160,000 units per month,\” said the person in charge of LG Display. Therefore, LG Display plans to quickly transfer its sales focus from the LCD panel to the OLED panel. This display giant predicts that OLED sales will account for more than 30%of its TV panels this year. LG Display plans to expand its large OLED panel production scale to 7 million units next year, and will increase to 10 million units by 2021. LG Display is expected to apply multi -model glass (MMG) technology on the Guangzhou OLED production line for the first time to improve production efficiency. MMG technology cut the panel into various sizes and minimize the abandoned parts. At present, LG Display has only one original board to produce 65 -inch OLED panels and 77 -inch OLED panels, but MMG technology will allow the company to increase panel production and help them reduce production costs by 10%to 20%. According to the market survey agency IHS data, the shipment of OLED TV panels was 2.9 million pieces in 2018 and 3.8 million pieces in 2019. It is expected to increase rapidly to 6.7 million pieces in 2020. OLED TV’s general trend has become a reality.