Layout the 5G wires and cable market, Puliwan spent 1. Granulator USed to acquire Fiber-Line

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

fiber-line Established in the year of
, the latter is a world-leading customized engineering fiber and composite material company.
Polyone Corporation announced that with 1.2 The price of 100 million US dollars acquired Fiber-Line, the latter is a global leading custom engineering fiber and composite material company. The price of USD $ approximate The acquisition
Polish Company ( Announced that
普立万公司(PolyOne Corporation)宣布,以1.2亿美元的价格收购了Fiber-Line,后者是一家全球领先的定制工程纤维和复合材料公司。 ]
Polyone Corporation)

, it is fiber cable, oil and natural gas, industry and consumer goods industries Provide services. The company has five production bases in North America, Europe and Asia. Fiber-Line Provide materials science and polymer formula, create products that meet the requirements of customer performance characteristics, meet the customer’s strength, abrasion resistance and resistance and resistance and resistance of materials Chemical resistance and special coloring requirements. Puliwan The Chairman, President and CEO of the Company Robert M. Patterson

said: \”

fiber -Line It is our innovation and unique supplement in the combination of fiber and composite material solutions, with huge growth advantages. ] The construction of the network provides important support. \” He added:
\”This acquisition is a major investment for our special engineering material department. ] 2019
increased by nearly 1 billion US dollars. \”

fiber-line ] The leading technology is combined with the existing professional composite material solution and the application of wire and cable to provide innovation for .

fiber-line CEO Dale Outhous indicates: \” With the help of ] Polish Wan

In the future

fiber-line technical capabilities, operations and business investment, we will be able Service. \” Puli Wan planned to use special colorants and coatings to obtain 5G

The short -term growth prospect in network expansion, [ 123]

From Fiber and composite material synergy in the future will benefit from the future growth. \u0026 nbsp;