Layout Non Woven Fabric Machine Technology and New Materials!BASF Injects Sichuan Stream New Material Fund

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

BASF Entrepreneurship Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as \”BASF Venture Capital\”) announced the capital injection of Sichuan Stream New Materials Fund. The private equity fund is managed by the pioneer of Kawasumi Investment, a pioneer in the domestic new materials and chemical industry technology investment. BASF Venture Capital and other investors, including Xiamen Jianfa Group, Zhongjin Qiyuan and Tsinghua Bauhinia Capital, have become limited partners of the fund. The Asian market plays an important role in BASF’s growth strategy. Markus Solibieda, managing director of BASF Venture Capital, said: \”The professional team of Chuanliu Investment has a deep understanding of the Chinese chemical industry. Through this capital injection, we will further expand the influence of BASF in China. The interaction and communication between BASF and the rapid growth enterprise jointly work together to develop innovative solutions for customers. \”BASF Venture Capital finds and creates new development opportunities for the BASF Group through investment startups and venture capital funds. One is new chemical technology and new materials. As the leading investment institution in China, Chuanliu Investment has created a powerful network, incorporated a number of emerging startups into Majesty, becoming a veritable and powerful partner in this field. Shi Shikamatsu, the founder of Chuanliu Investment, said: \”We are glad to join us as a limited partner as a limited partner. BASF is a leading company in the global chemistry and material industry. The layout has extensive tentacles and insights in various related fields. In the fields of smart energy, sustainable development, and digitalization of chemical industry, we have a common concept and vision. The cooperation between the two parties will achieve a variety of synergy effects and win -win cooperation. \”Chuanliu Investment has a wide range of industry networks, involving the segments of various industries. Its strategic investors include many leading companies in the chemical fields at home and abroad, and also have other external strategic partners, which can provide them with insights and industrial resources, and then bring help and collaboration to business in various aspects.