Latest survey: 5%of consumers at 7Conical Twin Screw Extrusion are more willing to buy green packaging products

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

3,300 shoppers from the seven European countries on their willingness to retail shopping in the future And looking forward to investigating. At the same time, the shopping habits of the millennial young people were also investigated.
The scene of marine plastic pollution is shocking.
According to the latest survey of IRI, Three -quarters of shoppers in Europe said they prefer to buy environmentally friendly packaging products.
The European Shopper Opinion Survey Organization
The survey shows that
Millennium (age 18-24) young people compared to the previous generation compared to the previous generation Shopper, pay less attention to whether the product is environmentally friendly.

The survey also showed that
Italy’s most preferred to buy environmentally friendly packaging products, accounting for 81% ; followed by buyers of Spain, the proportion accounted for 75%
, followed by
Greece and France, the proportion accounted for 74%
. German shoppers have the lowest degree of preference for environmentally friendly packaging products, accounting for 62%.

IRI said that the pursuit of environmental protection packaging will promote brand managers consider giving up using other materials such as other materials such as Paper or toxic chemical materials. OLLY \u0026 Nbsp; AbotoRABI said: \”As the media continuously exposed the whatever whale’s abolition of fishing nets and the plastic islands floating on the ocean, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the impact of plastic packaging retail products on the earth. Therefore, [123 ] Shoppers are more environmentally friendly than ever before the purchase of the products they buy. Each time they choose the brand, they will also conduct environmental protection considerations. ]
Plastic commitments are rapidly becoming part of the strategic layout of the retail or fast consumer goods industry enterprise,

Manufacturers want to make their brand the primary choice for customers and retailers to choose from , Let them see their environmental protection actions. In addition to factors such as size, flavor, color and price,
Packaging has become a key product consideration for marketers for brand marketing.

Show the company’s adherence to the recycled economic packaging mode \u0026 nbsp; –
\u0026 nbsp; The value concept of packaging will be the main direction of the future development of the brand . In the future, this will become the key to whether products can survive in market competition.

Last month, more than 250 institutions including catering companies, governments and packaging manufacturers, signed MacartHur \u0026 nbsp; Foundation \u0026 nbsp;