Large -scale 3D printing PC for the first time for composite materials WPC BOARD MACHINE molding mold

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

On October 13, the Tongji University Yizhi University Yizhi University Yizhong University Yizhong University Yisuchi University of 2020 was officially released. On November 9th, Wi Chi will drive TR-20 as the defending champion to participate in the China University Student Formula Contest. In the cooperation between Yichi Team and Tongji-Kos Innovation Institute, large-scale 3D printed polycarbonate (PC) was first applied to the field of composite materials molding mold. 445367808.jpg According to reports, during the process of self-made racing, from repeated optimized modeling, multiple modified drawings to continuous upgraded parts, the birth of TR-20 has gone through a long design, manufacturing and testing period. Tongji-Koschuang Research Institute joined this \”long-lasting war\”, and used Koschuang 3D printing technology to create TR-20’s end plate molds and seat molds, creating the best effect in continuous experiments. At present, 3D printing technology has swept the racing field, which can break the restrictions of traditional processing methods, provide greater freedom for racing design, and create a lighter and higher and high -quality racing car. The previous 3D printing PC was generally used to make car parts prototype and work fixture. There are also many small batch and shapes in the mold industry. 3D printing PC has brought new possibilities for automotive component mold manufacturing.