Langson will invest in about 250 million euros in Asia in 2023 to launch a major Granulation of PVC Waste investment project

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Today, Langson has more than 1,900 employees in Greater China, spreading in 13 cities. As of 2017, the sales of Langsheng Giant China had nearly three times compared to 2005 to about 1.2 billion euros, accounting for about 13%of the global total sales.
\”For Langson, Asia, especially China, is the key market for business growth. With this major investment plan, we will work harder to give full play to their potential.\” (Dr. \u0026 Nbsp; Hubert \u0026 Nbsp; Fink) said. Langson will use the funds to strengthen its influence in China. Since the company was officially established in 2005, the business volume has maintained a steady growth, and the production base and turnover have continued to expand.
] 2 [123 ] Langson, a special chemical company, recently held a 2018 conference on \”New Quality, Li Zhenyuan\” in Shanghai, announced that it will start a comprehensive investment project to strengthen its impact in the Asian growth market. force. The company will invest about 250 million euros in Asia by 2023, most of which will be put into the Chinese market.
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Feng Yibo, a member of the board of directors of Langsheng Group, announced the Asia -Pacific investment plan.
In recent years, China has been pursuing high -quality development and industrial upgrading. Langson actively supports China’s development through a series of products in the fields of maneuverability, urbanization, clean water and health.

\”Driven by consumption upgrade, the Chinese market is entering a new stage of development. Therefore, Langson’s special chemical combination will still have the huge potential of continuous growth.\” Qian Mingcheng said.

Langson’s products include
high -performance plastics applied to the automotive and electronics industry, flame retardants used in the automotive and construction industry, and ion exchange resins and water purification industries for the water treatment and water purification industry. Reverse osmosis membrane.
10 business departments under LandongAll in Greater China.After the acquisition of Kakya in April 2017, Langson further expanded its scale in the region -new production bases.

Today, Langson China has 9 production bases, 9 R \u0026 D centers, and 5 offices (including Shanghai headquarters), with more than 1,900 employees. The number of employees was three times the company’s establishment in 2005.In the past 13 years since its establishment of Langson China, it has obtained the \”China Outstanding Employer\” certification issued by the Top \u0026 Nbsp; EMPLOYERS \u0026 Nbsp; Institute.