Langson joined hands with Plastic Recycling Pelletizer Machine Mercedes Mercedes to reduce the car by 50%

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The Mercedes-Benz Automobile Development Team co-developed by multiple partners Essence
Langson recently launched a large -scale structural component with a thin -walled design, which has the possession Rich integrated features. ] Mi, installed at the bottom of the trunk of the car, by Mercedes
0.5 x 0.5
Langson recently launched a large -scale structural component with thin -walled design. The size of this module is

\u0026 nbsp; \” Compared with the traditional aluminum alloy structure, our solution reduces the weight of the component . The lighter weight and integrated function also simplify the assembly process, bringing additional cost benefits.

Langsheng’s customer manager Julian Haspel


\u0026 nbsp; A safe high temperature high temperature Injecting process \u0026 nbsp; This bracketIt can also be made of simple injection molding process. However, considering the large surface area of \u200b\u200bthe component, it is necessary to thicken the parts of the parts when using this process, so as to ensure sufficient injection molding pressure. Although the weight of the components made is far lighter than the aluminum alloy structure, there is still room for further weight loss.

\”Haspel Explanation.

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Therefore, in order to create lighter parts, the development team decided to choose a mixed molding process. Through the one -time processing process,

Tepex dynalite

The raw materials heated, plasticized and shaped, and then with the Dulidon of Randon ( [123) [123) ] BKV 30 H2.0 Glass fiber enhanced polyamide 6

The material can be used together .

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\” 123] Our craftsmanship can overcome the size problems, properly and safely handle this soft and high -heat blade, and embed it in the mold accurately, thereby helping improve the stability of the manufacturing process. \” Langson’s structural component expert Gregor EFES Represents. \u0026 nbsp;

is more cost -effective than aluminum alloy schemes than aluminum alloy schemes

Mixed molding process helps to play the advantage of injection molding. For example Picking, strengthening tendon and guidelines. \” During the installation controller, the pinch can replace the screws, so it is very convenient to assemble. \”EFES indicates. \u0026 nbsp;

The complex geometric structure can also be realized in the design of composite materials [

After successfully completing Mercedes -Benz’s development project, Langson began to cooperate with other system suppliers and auto manufacturersScholar.


With outstanding rigidity, hardness and hanging performance,
Tepex Composite materialsIt shows great application potential under the limited installation space and complicated geometric challenges of the bracket. \”EFES explains the future prospects.In this context, all plastic components are expected to play a more outstanding damping performance ( nvh,

Vibration noise control of the vehicle).