Langson celebrates high -tech structural materials, polyamide brand Durethan, Birthday 65CHINA SPUNBOND Fabric Machine Anniversary

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The Durethan series of high -performance plastics was born in the context of the \”economic miracle\” of the post -war German \”economic miracle\”, and has gradually become a global demand for structural materials, and it has grown in power -driven, renewable energy, information technology, electrical and electronics and other growth. There is a bright prospect in the market. This year, the family of polypeamide compounds under Langson ushered in its 65th anniversary. Dr. Michael Zobel, director of the Langson Gaogao Performance Materials Business Department, who produces Durethan series products, said: \”Now, the Durethan series is already recognized as outstanding high -tech materials. Precision technology and innovative component solutions are possible. It is inseparable from the Durethan brand. Using these professional knowledge, a successful and feasible component solution was developed. \”From small to large, quickly growing in 1953, the Durethan brand was born in the Ulidin root of Crafeld, Germany. There are also factories that produce polyamide 6 and hexamide, respectively. Demamide is the basic monomer of thermoplastic material. Initially, the primary task of the factory was to produce fiber, but soon, the focus of research and development was transferred to the special materials for production molding components. After that, the products strengthened through glass fiber also became a member of this expanding series of brands. These compounds are the preferred materials with high -intensity and high hardness parts, such as: electric tool shell, transformer skeleton, and office chair components. Wide -wide professional product portfolios At present, the Dalthan brand’s polyamide 6 and 66 series compounds can meet all kinds of different requirements. Its existing products include: can be used for turbocharged engine internal pressure pipes, abnormal soft elastic modified materials, carbon fiber enhanced complexes (such as lightweight materials that suffer from heavy pressure in tennis, squash and badminton rackets), And heat -conducting products for equipment thermal management. This series also includes flame retardant compounds for industrial and home electrical applications and new components of electric vehicles, and extremely heat -resistant materials for air pipelines near the turbocharger near internal combustion engines. Durethan is also the basic resin for the Tepex continuous fiber-enhanced thermoplastic composite material produced by the Ronaste brand Bond-Liminates. At present, this series of compounds are widely used in large -scale production of lightweight components, such as the front end of the vehicle, the door panel module bracket and the base plate. Increasing global demand; 65 years ago in the new Frefield factory, all this in the Uliden area of \u200b\u200bCrafeld has achieved great success worldwide. The Langson Gaogao Performance Materials Business Department has composite factories in Crafeld-Uliden, Wuxi, China, Gihagadia, India, and Port of Felitz, Brazil and Brazil. IndustryThe Ministry of Normal University is currently adding factories in Uliden and China Changzhou. These factories will be put into production in early 2020 and the second quarter of 2019.The newly built facilities of Crefield-Uliden’s new facilities are about 50 million euros, and can provide about 20 new jobs.According to the design, the plant can gradually increase its production capacity to meet the needs of the next few years.The high -performance business material department currently hires about 600 employees in Germany, of which nearly 300 people work in Uliden’s factory.After the height, the world -class factory with the integrated Langson produces most of the raw materials for its high -performance compounds, including glass fiber and polyamide 6 monomer -lapse and raw materials for strengthening the complex.\”This height back of integration ensures the optimization and delivery reliability of supply. This is specially paid to our partners in the automotive industry.\” Zobel emphasized.Due to the continuous expansion of composite product capabilities in recent years, the high -performance material business department can also process most of the raw materials produced by its own, and process it into high -performance plastics.