Landtic Group push Nonwoven Fabric out of the innovative special nylon series

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

For the extrusion market, the Radicigroup High -Plastic Plastic Division has developed new special polyamide materials.

So far, the RADILON product series not only contains high -tech high -tech high -tech polyamide (Radilon \u0026 Nbsp; A \u0026 Nbsp; HHR, Radilon \u0026 Nbsp; XTREME), enhanced plastic steel material ( Radilon \u0026 nbsp; A \u0026 Nbsp; RW, RADILON \u0026 Nbsp; S \u0026 Nbsp; URV high liquidity) also contains long -chain nylon.

Among them, there are RADILON \u0026 Nbsp; D series with PA6.10, which uses renewable energy as the substrate. The Radilon \u0026 Nbsp; CD series of PA6.12 Radilon \u0026 Nbsp; DT series and cluster PA6.10/6.6 \u0026 nbsp;, all from pure natural biomass. Such polyamide has special chemistry and physical characteristics, and has better performance, which can meet the needs of different end -of -end customers.

So what squeeze can these special products be applied? \u0026 nbsp;

Good flexibility, flexibility and anti -chemical corrosiveness, PA6.12 is applied to the personal care industry (such as toothbrushes or eyelash bristles). Using appropriate modification technology, it can also be applied in the field of pipelines (gasoline pipelines, oil and gas and air pipelines). Compared with the traditional polyamide (PA6/PA66), PA6.12 can not only anti -chemical corrosion, better mechanical properties, but also guarantee the transparency of the product.

PA6.10 should be used in industrial single products, such as papermaking machine (PMC). Because of its unique anti -chemical corrosion and flexibility, the product durability is improved. In addition, due to better blasting resistance, it can be used as a pipeline for transmission of gasoline. \u0026 nbsp;

The ideal materials of the club 6.10 and 6.6 are packaging, film and winding film LSNH Cable Extrusion line The food industry with high water -resistant steam requires high food industry.

Based on this new technology, Landtic can use this polymer to synthesize metal detection materials, which can be used to make brushes used on clean equipment in the food industry. Using this material, you can easily detect and remove the residual plastic on the food to ensure food safety and health well. At the same time, it can also prove that Landtic Group is an innovative company that can continuously meet the latest needs of customers.

When introducing this new product series, Landtic Group is highMr. Enrico \u0026 Nbsp; Simonato, the market manager of the Performance Plastics Division, said that the collaborative vertical unified management of the Landtic Group’s polyamide chain enables the group to continue to achieve diversified production. The Novara Chemical Factory is the core partner of the Group’s product research and development.Able to develop diversified products to meet the different needs of customers.\u0026 nbsp;

At present, PA11 \u0026 Nbsp; and PA12 \u0026 Nbsp; can basically meet the needs of the extruded market, ensure good chemical resistance, good flexibility, translucent and low water absorption rate, But the cost is relatively high.Landtic Group can provide a higher cost-effective choice-\u0026 nbsp; LCPA material, while ensuring the good performance of the product, ensure more beneficial mechanical performance and high temperature resistance (high melting point), work for long-term work or contact high temperature at high temperatures for a long time or high temperatureThe product of parts is very important for high temperature resistance.

Landtic Group has 35 years of experience in high -tech polyamide production experience, diversified formulas, and can produce traditional and high -innovative products.