Koschuang sold its European polycarbonate board industry WPC Board Machine

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Group. The group has a production base in both Belgium and Italy to conduct centralized operation and sales support in Europe.
The price of 100 million euros to the price of 100 million euros to the price of 100 million euros. Serafin
] Koschuang recently signed an agreement to sell its European polycarbonate board business in
Koschuang sold its European polycarbonate board business to Serafin Group at a price of 130 million euros.
Polycarbonate board has high anti -fracture properties, which is mainly used for industrial protection, building systems or signs.

This transaction is part of Koschuang’s ongoing investment portfolio optimization. The optimization work includes the divesticking of all polycarbonate board business. The sale of its European polycarbonate board business means 2018 The peeling of related production facilities in North America and India in the year came to an end. Coseson’s polycarbonate board production base in Guangzhou has also been transformed into special thin film production bases.

Koschuang has been fully evaluated,

It is believed that its plate business is no longer suitable for its strategy of polycarbonate segmentation. In the future, Koschuang will continue to pay attention to the differentiated application of polycarbonate segments.

At present, Koschuanghe Serafin The company agreed not to disclose the specific financial details of the transaction. This transaction must be approved by the relevant antitrust agencies before it can be completed. The transaction is expected to end in the fourth quarter of the year



The headquarters in Munich

Serafin The group focuses on the investment of old and medium -sized enterprises in the industrial field. According to the market position of polycarbonate tablets, Serafin plans to build polycarbonate tablets into a medium -sized medium -sized medium -sized medium -sized, customer first medium -sized medium -sized medium -sized medium sizeBusiness. 250

famous employees involved in the business will continue to work at the original production base.