Koschuang PC and TPU Materials: Create full Difference BetWeen Acneen AC Wire and DC Wire New Transparent Window Solution

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] This innovative structure provides more space for the transparent layer, and has higher safety performance, even if it is complicated window shape. The thin obsession of the thin film further simplifies the layerPress the process and shorten the manufacturing cycle.
This innovative film solution is adopted, There is no need to fill the additional transparent small sheet materials and processes after cutting the window area of \u200b\u200bthe card. In the process of layer pressure, the transparent film layer can naturally fill the thin film window area after the sink.
Koschura Model Koff; series PP and Platilon \u0026 reg; Transparent window solution. In the field of identity recognition documents, the role of the transparent window on the ID card and the personal data page of the passport It is getting more and more prominent. Koschuang created a new window concept. By optimizing the structure process of polycarbonate licenses and simplifying the production process, the concept of transparent window safety was increased to a new height, and the license was more difficult to be tampered with and copied by criminals.
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Photo: 科思创模克福®系列PP和Platilon®系列TPU带来全新透明视窗解决方案。 \u0026 nbsp;
From November 27th to 29th, 2018, a smart card exhibition Trustech held in Cannes, France showed an innovative film solution. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film is created to create a transparent window solution for new license pages. Transparent window solution: higher security performance
For the manufacturing of ID cards, a flat and uniform surface is very important. Koschuang has developed a very thin obsession film, which is especially suitable for seamless connections of transparent window applications.
The production process is more simplified
\”We are very proud to provide customers with solutions that simplify the production process,\” Cengiz \u0026 Nbsp; YesildagAg, head of the global ID/security department, Explanation.
\u0026 nbsp; \”Mo Kefu \u0026 Reg; \u0026 NBSP; ID opaque film has the advantages of more likely to build a safe card transparent window, and shorten the pressure cycle.\” This mold Kefu Fufu \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; id \u0026 nbsp; film also won the \”Blue Shield Cup\” safety anti -counterfeiting technology innovation award at the 13th CBS Significant Card Signing Safety Technology Exhibition and Summit Forum.

Next generation TPU hinge material

Another R \u0026 D work of Koschuang: Platilon \u0026 reg; \u0026 nbsp; Internal design.
TPU \u0026 nbsp; passport hinge solution can safely integrate PC’s data pages to a new generation of electronic passports.
In addition, the TPU film has the texture characteristics of the weaving material, can give the prove that the super high anti -fracture and bending resistance performance can be given.

Koschuko will exhibit new Platilon \u0026 Reg; ID film on Trustech, compared with standard products Platilon \u0026 Reg; ID9122, the anti -fracture performance of the new film has further increased by 35 %.