Ko Ou hot runway helps car lightweight injection into PVC BOARD Specifications type

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Jim BOTT, Director of Incoe Corporation. Jim BOTT, Director of Incoe Corporation. \”The mold industry is developing in the direction of miniaturizing mold and high injection of pressure, which means that the structure of the nozzle heater connected to the mold needs to be more compact. Yingkeo is meeting the new needs of the mold industry through the improvement of technology . \”Jim Bott, director of the development director of Incoe Corporation, said in an interview with\” CPRJ Plastic Rubber \”during Chinaaplas 2019. In 1958, Yingkeo Corporation was founded in the American Automotive City in the United States, Detroit, and is committed to being engaged in the global and professional R \u0026 D and production of injection molding thermal flow system and technology. At CHINAPLAS 2019, Yingkou showed a number of new hot running products. For example, Yingkeo’s new DF12 series -with MP24 heater, adopts a compact multi -zone heating design, uses the installation of the card spring to simplify the installation of the heating ring, reduce the amount of milling and improve the stability of the mold. The new DF12 series -another new product HEM mini tank of the MP24 heater Yingkeo, which increases the freedom of mold design, reduces the amount of mold processing, reduces the production of production, makes the mold more compact and easy to adjust. HEM mini tank. At present, the automotive market is one of the important application markets for Yingkeou products. On the booth of Chinaplas 2019, Yingkeo showed many automotive components made by its heat flow system to participate in injection molding. \”Although the sales volume of the Chinese automobile market has declined, this has not affected our business. Under the guidance of the new fashion of new energy vehicles and unmanned vehicles, cars still need lightweight. Rising. \”Jim Bott said. For example, he said that the OEM manufacturers of cars used to produce 2-3 mm wall thick car plastic components, but now they need to produce 1.5-1 millimeter-thick-thick-thick car plastic parts. Injection pressure, after the plastic is heated and melted, its flow rate needs to be accurately controlled in order to achieve the injection molding of thin wall parts. \” Speed, prevent bad traces produced during order injection, improve the surface quality of the product. He also pointed out that many car brands are gradually increasing the fiber content in its plastic parts, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber or plant fiber. Although increasing these fibers can improve the toughness of plastic parts, it also puts forward more harsh challenges to injection molding -that is, fiberCorrosion or wear on the tip, mouth hats and valve needles of the thermal flow system, affecting injection molding.\”If the mass production period of a certain component is 2 years, but after adding high fiber, such as LGF50%, the nozzle heater and the valve needle may be severely worn or even broken within six months.Bring a significant impact. All key components of Yingkeo are imported from Germany’s Yingkeo or Yingkeo, USA to ensure corrosion resistance and wear resistance. \”Jim Bott explained.At present, Yingkeou is headquartered in the United States, but has been continuously investing in its bases in Europe, North America, China, Singapore, and Brazil to quickly meet the needs of local customers.\”Our Chinese company has developed rapidly. In recent years, employees have expanded from 150 to more than 300 people, doubled. In the future, we will expand production of Chinese companies, please look forward to our\” official announcement ‘. \”JimBOTT summarizes.